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Savage Tips From Tiana Kocher During Her Interview With Escape


Part 1 of our interview with Tiana Kocher talks about her constant journey to share her talent with the world. She spills about starting out her career abroad and the ups and downs of being an independent artist.

She shares her life on-stage, the chaos behind-the-scenes (which she personally manages), and her #NoFilter life off-stage. We get to know her better with a round of quickie questions!

Escape: What’s your first drink and the story behind it?

Tiana Kocher:I actually don’t like the taste of alcohol (laughs) My first drink was when I sipped some from a friend, Nat, who was drinking something and I asked if I could taste it because it looked like it had some [alcohol] in it, and I was so surprised because it was sweet and you can barely taste the alcohol in it! It was an Amaretto Sour.

Escape: Is it your first time in The Palace Manila?

Tiana Kocher:No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I used to come here a lot! (laughs)

Escape: What do you usually order?

Tiana Kocher:Here in Yes Please? I love the Froyey! It’s so goooooood!

Escape: Who would be surprised to find in your playlist?

Tiana Kocher:Beethoven or Bach. I love classical music. My grandmother’s a classical opera singer so it’s very nostalgic listening to it because every Saturday she would always be on the grand piano singing. It makes me feel at peace.

Escape:What’s your creative process with creating music?

Tiana Kocher: When we’re in the studio there’s usually already a beat and it’s usually me and there’s a writer or two other more writers and we’ll just make a mock melody. We’ll hum it and mix up if that sounds good, we go higher here, it can be lower here, and then we’ll substitute in words.

Escape:Any pre-performance rituals?

Tiana Kocher:I do my vocal warm-up before any performance or I have warm water with lemon or I have some tea. And I have this thing called Vocal Zone, it’s a throat pastille that’s from the UK. Artist take it just to open up their nasal cavity. And I always pray! Always pray before anything. Pray before shoot, red carpet, press events, performance, it just gives me peace of mind.

Escape:Fashion trends for you right now?

Tiana Kocher:Right now, neon is huge in the US, so neon, neon, neon, neon! And I love an androgynous look. I’m also all about comfort. Even if I’m going the the Grammy’s red carpet, I want to be comfortable. If you feel good about yourself, if you like it, wear it! Like I like wearing oversized blazers as dresses!

Escape:Lazy Day Outfit?

Tiana Kocher: Shorts and a white t-shirt or jeans and a white t-shirt. BUT I’ll always have a hype accessory with it. So that can be like my sneakers, a fanny pack, or something that will hype the classic outfit.

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