Rocking Your Swimsuits in the Office

Rocking Your Swimsuits in the Office

Rocking Your Swimsuits In The Office

Summer is finally here and along with this ultimately fun weather comes the blazing heat. I’m sure you own more than one pair of Bikini, monokini, or a body suit. Don’t let your swimmies stay in your closet for too long. If you’re working in one of those progressive companies sans the rigid office decorum or you’re rocking the entrepreneurial runway, here is a list of settings where you can wear those lycras!

The Office Tour

Taking people around the office needs a little extra something. You always have to put your best face front and show the newbies how it’s done. Match your onesie with a pair of linen pants and look on fleek but still chill. A pair of mules to finish off the look is what’s going to bring this beach style, office ready.

Ace That ManCom

ManComs also known as Management Committee meetings are pretty intimidating and can get you on your toes. Ease your way into the dynamic of it and sport your bandeau top under your blazer co-ords. Get your deck in order and flaunt that demonstration you have prepared for. You’re surely make heads turn guaranteed!

Casual Fridays

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It’s our favourite part of the week when we can all wear something cute and skimpy for our Friday night, or something sporty for the marathon of drinking you are about to have. Spandex tops are a sure hit with snap pants! Just like what our girl Chie did here, add some sass with net stockings underneath. I mean does it even look like a swimsuit?

Press Event

While bumping elbows with your fave celebs, bloggers, & fashion icons, make sure to still stand out. Wear your maillot piece with wide leg pants & a chauffeur styled hat to stay quintessential. Put some slip-on sandals on your feet and you’re good to go. Plain & simple is always our most favourite ensemble.


Don’t you just love themed days? This is always your officemate’s idea but it’s enjoyable to ride along with the festivities. Get into a one-piece swimsuit & don it with a printed oversized jacket & a cute miniskirt. We never expected swimwear to pass as an outfit game-changer. Strut your stuff down the hallways, and own that walk. Okurr?


Don’t know what else to wear in the office? Open up your closet and rummage through your pile of clothes. Find a bikini that complements your corporate wardrobe and see how much convenient it is to actually wear swimsuits at work!

Featured image grabbed from Chie Filomeno’s instagram page (@chiefilomeno)

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