RIP Bughead? Reminiscing Our Favourite Cole & Lili Moments

RIP Bughead? Reminiscing Our Favourite Cole & Lili Moments

RIP Bughead? Reminiscing Our Favourite Cole & Lili Moments

We all know that one of our favourite tandems have split up. It was rumoured that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are broken up and we can’t do anything about it. It was mentioned that the two are actually very different from each other and have lifestyles that would often clash. We’ll never know if they really have split up or is just taking time to divert attention to something else following their instagram captions that have recently come out. 

Despite the heaviness in our hearts, we have decided to look back at the couple’s sweetest moments and make sure they are not forgotten. 


It all started on instagram. Hey, that’s where anything starts nowadays. Fans deemed the couple instagram official when Cole commented “A/s/l?” on one of Lili’s posts. Lili retorted that the comment was indeed a good one. Talk about subtlety? 

Valentine’s Day 2019

Cole posted about Lili and called her the only thing that keeps him sane and how else to profess your love for your special someone other than making an insta tribute? 

Proud GF Moments 

The couple is not a fan of PDA but during the premier, Lili gave Cole a full kiss on the cheek showing her affection and really probably her support. They also snuck in a close cuddle for one of the photos. 

Coordinating Outfits for Met Gala 2019

If it isn’t selfless to not have your own outfit, this ultimate couple coordinated their outfits for the Met Ball. They made sure to complement each other look perfect for the photos. 

Inhaling Helium When They Rehearsed 

Love is more fun when you are dating a goofball! These two are not just about the lovey dovey but they also knew how to entertain each other. Remember that time they practised reading their lines after inhaling helium? Yup, our last but most favourite moment. 


Do you think they are really broken up? Let us know in the comments below and share with us your favourite Bughead Moments! 


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