Revamping Your Style with Ray-Ban’s Latest

Revamping Your Style with Ray-Ban’s Latest

Every new year, everyone starts a new chapter of their lives. It’s a time to hit restart, refresh, and  revamp! Aside from listing down your resolutions and checking out the latest trends, it’s also a time for you to update your style. However, you don’t need to chuck your entire wardrobe to give it a much-deserved refresh.

Adding something as simple as a pair of Ray-Bans can totally up your wardrobe by 5 stars. Their sunglasses are perfect to shield your eyes from the harsh sunlight and to make sure all eyes are on you at all times. We listed down Ray-Ban’s hottest styles for 2019 and matched them with your personal style!

The Party Goer

Hitting the clubs straight out of work and timing in the next day hangover free? The Ray-Ban Beat with gold frame and red lenses are the perfect for your wild lifestyle. They’re totally trendy and now, making them a snug fit with your ever-changing wardrobe. Not only will these babies complete your next party outfit ala-Ariana Grande, they’ll also help you wear your eyebags from the night before like a badge of honor! Party on!

The Minimalist


For you, style and life has always been about ‘having less is more.’ You hate the frills and want to focus on three core things: functionality, style, and quality. Luckily, the Ray-Ban Beat has all three checked to a tee. Go for the silver frame and green lenses, they’re not too gimmicky, they’re not too noisy, but still gives you that minimalist feel you’ve always wanted your wardrobe to have. Flaunt your style in Yes Please!

The Trendsetter


Your closet changes every time you get inspired by a new movie, an upcoming fashion designer, or by your most recent travel destination. The best part is, people look up to you for your constantly evolving style. Your wardrobe is always full of fresh finds and icing and matching them to create new and dramatic looks is exactly what you live for. While the rest of your wardrobe is in constant change, the Ray-Ban Round sunglasses is the one pair that’s here to stay. The black frame with purple photochromic lenses can add a sophisticated oomph to any outfit.

The Grownup Ensemble

Aide from your trusty scarf and signature bag, the Ray-Ban Aviators should be your next go-to accessory. Just like you, this old-soul frame finds its much deserved revamp with the Evolve lenses, giving you better visibility and exposure. In homage to the trendiest tita drink of the moment, rosé, get it in the pink photochromic lenses with a silver frame. For sangria-filled brunches to Tita nights at The Island, this classic frame will help accentuate your current wardrobe!

The City Dweller

You’re the one to ask when it comes to the hottest places to drink, where the best pre-game and post-game food’s at, and what book should people read next. A modern renaissance man, you love the vibe of the city more than anything. Your wardrobe is a collection of staples that can take you from day to night. Unlike the minimalist, you enjoy a wild card every now and then. Neon colored shirts, statement sneaks, and quirky socks are where it’s at for you. The Ray-Ban Beat in Gold frame and Brown lenses should be a welcome addition to your sky-high lifestyle.

The Weekend Warrior

You’ve already scheduled all of the long weekends in your planner before 2019 even started. Your itinerary? Day trips to the country’s most beautiful beaches and night trips to The Island. Nothing says vacay better than a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. This pair that comes in a gold frame and gray Evolve photochromic lenses will let you enjoy the scenery with its excellent exposure and visibility feature. Be it a one-piece or a pair of trunks, this classic frame will get your IG-pics double taps in no time!


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