Relationship Doubts Caused By Your Zodiac Sign During The Year’s Worst Retrograde

Relationship Doubts Caused By Your Zodiac Sign During The Year’s Worst Retrograde

This November’s retrograde isn’t going to be a breeze, every sign is going to have their own breaking point. Don’t fret, by the end of the month you’ll realize it was your sign trying to take over you. So here’s a guide on what you might feel during the month’s Mercury Retrograde and hopefully we help you understand that argument you just had with your partner!


First of all, we can all agree that you really take time to trust people, hey that ain’t so bad. What you hate the most? Feeling that someone is trying to control your emotions. Commitment is something that doesn’t come easy, but when you’re finally in it, you go all out to make things work. You’re finally opening up to someone and that’s great! But this mercury retrograde, you’ll probably feel that your partner is currently pushing you too hard emotionally and is taking advantage of how self-contained you are when it comes to handling situations.

Solution: When you feel like you’re threatened by vulnerability, take a step back. It is one thing that they are taking advantage of you, but being the Scorpio you are, we’re pretty sure you saw this coming. Just keep calm and stay reserved as you always have been.


Oh dear Leo, we know that being the star runs in your blood. Sadly, your partner might actually be busy from trying to make the most of their 2019 and you might not just be the center of it all. It sucks, we hear you, but remember what’s more important is that your partner needs you too through it all.

Solution: We go back to basics. Communication is ALWAYS key, you’ll never know it might just be a temporary thing. At the end of the day, your partner looks for you.


Why so worried about feeling that “spark”? Know that you and your partner at the end of the day have responsibilities. Some days may be busy and some days may be a walk through clouds, so do not jump into conclusions. Take time to reassess situations.

Solution: Is it really the end of all of it or is it time for you to spice things up a bit?


Being the cool and laidback person you are, you hate it the most when you partner never ends in complaining. We get that, it gets extremely annoying especially when the negativity is starting to eat you alive. Remember though that the relationship might have actually worked because you complement each other.

Solution: It’s normal for people to not be on their best days. It’s time for you to sprinkle them with the optimism that only you can provide.


It seems like you’ll always be fighting this retrograde so prepare for the crazy storm of emotions ahead.  Being the Libra you are, you always want to always balance the relationship, you want everything happy as much as you can. Being the innate fighter you are, you just want to put things that matter to you out there. Although it seems like, it would always result to your partner going against you. Of course, this would result to you defending yourself. Phew! That sounds exhausting.

Solution: This doesn’t mean you should throw everything down the drain. Fight to fix things and not to defend yourself. Sometimes when both parties fight to prove whoever is right leads to nothing but another argument.


You have always been so affectionate, you love to spoil your partner of everything you got. During the retrograde, what you fear the most is coming, feeling like they’re taking advantage of you. Right now there’s a lot of things in your mind but, most of it is about your partner asking too much from you.

Solution: Before you judge your partner and end up in a fight, it’s better to weigh things in. A give and take won’t hurt, right?


Sadly, you’re one of the hard targets of this retrograde. Because you live for emotions, your partner may cross the line and mock you for being too emotional. You will be lectured to learn how to take a joke and even worse, they will blame you for using your emotions as a way out of an argument.

Solution: As it could get confusing to talk to a person bursting in emotions, remind them of the things you are serious about. They will learn to respect that if they truly love you.


The possessiveness is freaking you out, we hear ya! When your partner’s world revolves around you and when they get too jealous from everything, you are reminded of how much you avoid being in relationships.

Solution: Reassess the situation. You might haven’t actually been giving much attention to your partner hence they ask for attention more than ever.


Being in a relationship with you means understanding the value of respect. You build yourself in foundations of nothing but respect. What you’re going through this retrograde is you will feel taken for granted. Your patience will be pushed and you will feel emotionally abused.

Solution: Believe it or not, respect can be subjective. It may seem that your partner maybe disrespecting you, but they might actually are, but just not the way you want them to. Try to bring your concerns forward before making fights even worse.


Being the vocal and affectionate person you are, you will feel like your partner is not taking you seriously or worse making fun of the way you express things. What you hate the most is that, you know you’re always sincere and they just don’t get it. It gets exhausting.

Solution: Turn the conversation around, let them know when you’re being serious with them. They are stormed with your love, that sometimes they forget how sincere you are. Tell them what you don’t like and remind them why it’s important for them to know.


Being the adventurous self that you are, you want a partner that could keep up. You like challenges, you definitely love to explore and see the world.  Lately you feel like your partner isn’t up for what you want to do and even worse, conversations are starting to get super dull. This is stopping you from being yourself and this is making you extremely bored.

Solution: Loving someone means controlling your expectations. Your partner may not be exactly as equally fun and quirky as you, they might have their own ways to have fun. Try to observe and look for a middleground.


What every Virgo has in common is that you would always take your time, especially in making decisions. Even so in entering and being in a relationship. You like to weigh in things and think things thoroughly because that’s just who you are as a person. This retrograde you will feel like your partner or potential partner is rushing you and you need them to be patient, this just annoys you so much that you just want to be out of it.

Solution: Again, it takes two people to be relationship. Whether we want things to be faster or slower, be considerate of how your partner feels. Sometimes the stalling you make might just be out of fear, you need to straighten things up. Are there really reasons why you shouldn’t be with that person?





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