Real Life Adulting Horror Stories We Can All Relate to

Real Life Adulting Horror Stories We Can All Relate to

When we were kids, being an adult seemed like a dream. You live in your own place, wear what you want, eat what you want, etc. However, in reality, it’s much more scarier than you think! We list down the scariest adulting moments EVER. 


Being Ghosted

Nothing sucks more than thinking that things are going well then suddenly the guy/girl you’ve been talking to every day/night disappears into thin air. This is a major traumatic experience for anyone! Pls send real ghosts instead of a traitor. BOO. 


Getting Your Credit Card Bill

How many times have we lost track of swiping our cards on “emergency” situations. Even if you try your best to manage your financials every month, we’ve all had that experience of getting that bill with your blood drained out of your body after seeing your total bill. 



You think there’s more space in your card and you risk it. You head to the counter and try to pay for whatever it is you got. First swipe, declined. Must be a faulty card terminal. They try again, still declined. The long queue behind you gives you knowing glares, even the cashier is looking at you like you have a shopaholic syndrome. You bring out another card, hopefully, this one works. Whoops. Nope. Time to bury yourself in a grave. 


Sending the Wrong Message to Another Person

…Or screenshot! This is a new level of scary in the digital age. You intend to send a screenshot of a shitty convo with your boss/bae/frienemy to your core group. Instead, you send it to your boss/bae/frienemy! Whoop.s Crisis Control pls. Can someone create an undo/unsend button?! UGH. 


A Meeting Turned Sour

You walk in the boardroom prepared, overtime in your eyes, deck prepared and ready. For some reason, despite being preapred AF, things don’t go according to plan. The bosses ask you about things that don’t even relate to your presentation that you don’t know the answers to! They grill you for minuscule stuff, and so on. 


Manila Traffic

Left two hours early for a meeting in a nearby city? BGC to Makati? QC to Ortigas? It’s Russian Roulette tbh! You can arrive to your destination 2 hours early or 2 hours late! And most times, it doesn’t matter how early you leave, the traffic is so unpredictable that you’re bound to be late no matter how hard you try! 



You try this series everyone’s been buzzing about and you promise yourself to just try the pilot. After all, you have an early morning the next day. After the pilot, you find yourself stuck clicking next episode. Is this a hell loop?! Save me pls.


A Nap that Lasted 8 Hours

Working hard for five minutes? You deserve a power nap? Sure. You don’t set an alarm because it’ll just be a quick nap anyway. LIES.  You wake up the next morning with nothing accomplished! On the bright side, you got some sleep. Down side, your life is over. Taking a nap and not seeling an alarm for 20 minutes is like setting yourself up for death! You’re literally like those cray characters in those horror films where the house seems haunted but you go in anyway!


Posting Something Jerky

Be it wrong grammar or using the wrong modern lingo in your caption, nothing says “I’m dumb” better than posting something people disagreeing with you or correcting your grammar! Yikes! 



It’s great online, you stalk him/her, it feels like something is there. When you guys see each other in real life, it’s a major trainwreck. He/she used a ton of face filters on his/her pics or simple you guys has no spark in real life despite your steamy night convos. #ExpectationsVsReality


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