Productivity Tools You Can Use For The WFH Setup

Productivity Tools You Can Use For The WFH Setup

Productivity Tools You Can Use For The WFH Setup

Now that we are all getting used to a new working setup, it’s much harder to avoid putting off things until the last minute and procrastinating. The comforts of our own homes and our bedroom becomes a magnet for laziness. It’s also another thing to overwork yourself since you are comfortable. There are a lot of productivity apps out there that can help you manage your time efficiently and let you rest when needed. Here are a few things we have tried during this period: 

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Working on trello is fun. It’s like your personal organizer but digital. You can also track the progress of every project you have worked on, tick it done once, and see what kind of edits you have made along the way. What’s good about it is that you can share it with others. You have boards that can be for your personal tasks, and you can also have boards per job that you manage. It’s super easy to use and has really straightforward features. 


It’s an app that’s super awesome if you are working as a team. Slack has discussion points as tabs and you can even upload multiple files for sharing. It’s user friendly features can help you create a team with focused sections where you can separately discuss different agendas. It’s like a virtual meeting place for you and your team!

Google Hangouts 

The best way to shorten or lessen email conversations is via hangouts! For anything urgent, you can chat with your work colleagues easily as if you are on YM! It’s also much easier to navigate because you won’t be switching tabs. A box just pops up on the bottom right of your screen and you and you can talk to anyone who is in your email list. Convenient right?


Track work hours with clockify! Know when to stop working and know how much hours you have already put in as well. You can also track the time your team has spent on a project or their daily work ins and outs. You can make timesheets per project or clients, and it can even help you process billings and invoicing. 


(Photo from Forest App’s Instagram Page)

Last but not the least, Forest is an app that helps you enhance your focus. By avoiding your smartphones, the app converts your hours into credits and you can use those to help in planting real trees around the world. It lessens your phone addiction, helps you in focusing on your daily to dos, and helps the environment. It’s an all in one! 

Excited to try these out? Let us know in the comments below! 

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