Pride Revolution: Cycle In Full Colour

Pride Revolution: Cycle In Full Colour

Ride with Pride!

Pride month is celebrated annually every June and with this comes a whole lot of extravagant and exciting events celebrating a world full of colour. 

Since its conception and opening in 2016, Ride Revolution has quickly expanded and is now opening their third branch in BGC this year. 

For June, their first ever Pride Themed ride was launched at their pioneer branch in Greenbelt. The 50 – minute calorie burning workout was lead by Hans Braga. His powerful words of getting stronger together, facing your fears, and not letting anyone tell you how to live your life and whom you should love gave inspiration to the Pride-rs (riders) that participated in the class. He featured the tunes of Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman, Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry, Dua Lipa’s I Don’t Give A Fuck & One Kiss, Taylor Swifts You Need To Calm Down, and many other pop queens that helped in uplifting the core of the workout. 

For the month of June, Pride As One stands as the tagline of Ride Revolutions support in the LGBT community. Their Pride themed rides include a Femme Fatale Ride, a Magic Mike XXL Ride, a Babaylan Costume Themed Ride, and many others. They have put up freedom walls in their branches for riders to share their thoughts on, may it be a secret or something they would like to share to all.

Red Whistle also became a partner that offered free HIV screening to all the riders and it only took ten minutes! The instructors have also shown full support towards visibility and changing their profile photos with the rainbow symbol to reflect that they are alongside the community. Lastly, a culminating Pride Party will be held at their Greenbelt Branch with a costume themed ride: Monster Ball on June 30. 

They have a Php 1,100 ride for newbies, and packages like a 5 ride package for Php 5,000, a 10 class Package worth Php 9,500, a 30 ride package worth Php 22,500 good for one year, and other sets you can try whichever fits your style. 

Ride Revolution promises their riders an environment of love and acceptance. A safe place to be who your are and who you want to be. Aside from sharing the advocacy, they are very supportive of the diversity among the individuals in their community. 


It is indeed a place of fun, laughter, strength, and peace. Together, they fight with us for love, equality, and freedom. 


Let’s Pride Together, shall we? 

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