Podcasts To Listen To For Learning New Skills

Podcasts To Listen To For Learning New Skills

Podcasts To Listen To For Learning New Skills

We have a lot of time in our hands and we will have those days where we just want to lie down. There’s no need to be productive during a pandemic but if you feel like you want to learn something while staying safe at home, podcasts are the way to go. It’s like listening to the radio with less ads and more learning! Here are a few that we ourselves have tried listening to at home! You’ll never know, you might also learn a ton from it. 

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Ted Talks Daily 

If you are looking to boost your motivation about life, work, success, and anything in general, Ted Talks help in amping up your morale. You can listen to real life experiences by their speakers who have probably gone through the same hardships like anyone else. They share their strategy or their life changing moments that made them thrive and achieve their goals. 

Podcast link: TED Talks Daily


Top Traders Unplugged

A veteran hedge fund manager talks to the top traders of the world and shares their tips and skills on how they started from none and how they achieved gaining the stocks they have now. They also share their secrets on how to choose where to invest your money and what kind of returns you will get out of them.

Podcast Link: Top Traders Unplugged


Grammar Girl 

Writing is super easy once you get to learn the basics. Having not just the perfect grammar but making sure that your piece makes sense is the real challenge. Grammar Girl is a very casual podcast that can teach you the right skills when it comes to writing in the english language. 

Podcast Link: Grammar Girl


Freakonomics Radio

Don’t get too intimidated by it’s name! Freakonomics is inspired by it’s book and the authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner are actually good conversationalists. It talks about practical economics and you can even apply the principles in your daily life. It might sound too educational but you can learn heaps when you listen to it. 

Podcast Link: Freakonomics Radio



It says it all in the name. For coding beginners, CodeNewbie is an easy way to familiarize yourself with coding. While you are working on your skills, listening to it can actually be your guide when you start manipulating those codes. 

Podcast Link: Code Newbie


Master of Photography 

No need to take photography classes online! Listen to Master of Photography and get updated with the latest techniques and news about photography. This is something you can learn at home with just your camera! Come out of the ECQ ready to shoot basically anything. 

Podcast Link: Master Of Photography

Ready to learn? Try out these podcasts and let us know how they helped you in the comments below!

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