Plana Forma: Why You Should Get Into This Workout in 2020

Plana Forma: Why You Should Get Into This Workout in 2020

Plana Forma is the workout you never knew you needed! What is it exactly? It uses the barre workout technique that makes you use your full bodyweight and it targets your different body areas. Sometimes, we forget to do more resistance training or toning exercises that we lose our muscles. So if you want leaner arms, a firmer butt, toned legs/thighs, and abs, then this is the workout studio for you! Want to know more? Read on.

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You can find them in the south, the north and even the middle of everything! They have studios in 1) Molito, Alabang, 2) Rada, Makati, and 3) Il Terrazzo, Quezon City. So wherever you are, after school or work, head on to any of these locations and get stronger! 


Forma Core: The basic class great for first timers and regulars. 

Forma Core+: It is basically Forma Core but with cardio intervals. So if you wanna do some jumps and drills in between pulsing it down, then sign up for this.

Forma Strength: A more advanced and fast-paced class. It makes you level up the basic moves to increase your burn. But you know what they say, no pain no gain! 

Forma Flex: One of the new classes they introduced this year: an upper body focused workout for regulars. It uses resistance bands to amp up that burn. 

Forma Boost: Another new class, that mixes Forma Core and Forma Strength movements. If you want a more high-intensity workout then schedule this class!

Forma Flow/Asana: YOGA! The best way to relax the body and increase flexibility. A great workout to mix with any of the Forma classes! 



All studios have lockers, bathrooms – WITH TOILETRIES and TOWELS!, a small shopping area and cute instagram spots! The studios make your workout hassle-free.


If it’s your first time then you are lucky enough to get a newcomers package! It’s 2 for 1 for just 650php or an one month unli package for 3500php! You can get both after the other. For other packages you can check out their website here.


From the Plana Forma squad to the instructors – they will always make you feel welcome! Even the people who workout there, newbies or regulars, pick up the vibe and start making friends with everyone. It’s easier to workout when the vibe and the culture is not about competition but about pulsing together. 

The brand’s motto is build the body you love, and that should be our motto for 2020! Let’s get fitter and stronger this new decade. Are you with us?

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