Pinoy Nationalism the Catriona Gray Way

Pinoy Nationalism the Catriona Gray Way

Lava walk and jaw-droppingly gorgeousness aside, Catriona Gray is the modern embodiment of what/who a Filipina should be. She’s empowered, she’s passionate, she’s a proud Filipina ❤️ Here’s how our fourth Miss Universe carries the flag and how you can do the same!


Support Local Artists

Catriona’s road to Miss Universe was paved with a ton of help from her #TeamCatriona. Her outfits were made by underrated local designers and being nationalistic can be as simple as that. A simple follow and like can mean a lot to artists if you don’t have the money to commission a piece from them yet! Watching a local film is also a great way to support!


Travel Local

Browse through Catriona’s Page prior to her Miss U win and you’ll see her basking in the beautiful underrated beaches and hidden spots of the Philippines. We all love exploring new places and getting our passport stamped but a quick reminder to travel around our islands first! Book that roadtrip or flight to Siragao, Palawan, Bacolod, and the other beautiful islands in our home!


Help Out!

We all know Cat’s advocacy: helping out the impoverished youth who think they don’t have a chance at a better life. She amplified this when she joined pageants and even released a song on Spotify. Try to find a cause your support and help out in whatever way you can. If you have no money to offer to charities, offer your time and your talent. Volunteer, go to outreaches, offer your services for free for nonprofits! This is not about money, this is about nation building, no matter how small of a step that might be.


Buy Something Pinoy


Who can forget that iconic ear cuff? Wearing something Pinoy can be as easy as wearing local fabrics, wearing locally crafted accessories, and eating locally produced goodies! Buying from a local brand, artist, or business can mean a lot to our fellow Pinoys. It’s a concrete way of helping out if you’re not the type to go out of your way.


Remember that You are Filipino, First and Foremost


If you haven’t watched Catriona’s final walk as Binibini, you should. She has never given a better speech than that and we can’t wait for her final walk as Miss Universe. It’s a total tear jerker and reminds us why this woman deserves the Universe. In her farewell speech, everyone died when she said “I knew that out of all the 95 women that I was to compete with in Miss Universe, I would be the one and only Filipina and that gave me strength.” MICDROP. There is a lot of strength in being a Filipino and it might not be evident given some of the current events but there is power in being Pinoy.


Don’t forget to be proud to wave your flag!

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