It’s impossible not to be smitten with Pat Henson. She is gorgeous but approachable, one with an open mind and an easy laugh. This art student, fashion model, swimwear designer is that pretty, cool friend you wish you had, or that zany, relatable sister you know you could share anything with. With her peaches n’ cream complexion slathered with beach freckles matched by her artistic eye and easygoing manner, this girl has her sunny side up all the way.

When you look at this ingenue, you see the girl-next-door touched sexy by the summer heat. She possesses that face that changes from innocent artlessness to unexpected intensity in seconds. She has that body that can be ragdoll-gangly but can ripen into a woman’s figure that is full in the right places. Before this summer is even over, we are ready to wager that Pat Henson will grow into that more beautiful version of herself. See for yourself why /ESCAPE fell for this little charmer.

/ESCAPE: What is your present state of mind?

Pat Henson: Exhausted but motivated.

What led you to designing swimwear?


Where do you draw inspiration when designing?

PH: The sea and women! But when I design my collections, I always make sure that it would be something I would wear, too. I don’t design for the sake of just coming out with a new suit for people to buy. It’s well-thought of, that’s for sure.

If you could design a swimming get-up for your boyfriend, would it be Hawaiian-printed shorts or Brazilian-cut trunks in neon?

PH: I’d have to go with the Hawaiian printed shorts. I don’t want him luring in any kind of attention around that area. Haha!

You are caught in a tropical storm by the beach, what would you do all day indoors?

PH: Look out my window and enjoy the sight of rain ““ or you know, sit there, and regret going to the beach…

What’s your take on all these issues that revolve around body image and self-esteem, especially for girls?

PH: It’s terrible. I mean, even I get affected at times but then I come to realize that it’s something we shouldn’t even be worried about. It’s this useless stress (Well, all stress is useless, anyway!) that women are in together. Like, literally no girl or boy is going solo with regard to this issue. So since almost everyone’s in it, let’s all help each other get out of it!

What’s your 5-year plan?

PH: Graduate, travel, and focus full-time on my business.

Pick your poison “” bourbon or beer?

PH: I don’t really drink…. But, fine! Beer, I guess.

How did you get into modeling and how has it been so far for you?

PH: It happened so fast. A stylist just contacted me 2 years back for a magazine and everything started sailing from there. It’s been tiring but great!

How do you stay fit?

PH: Weight training courtesy of my boyfraaaan.

What other pursuits do you have?

PH: Honestly, besides going away, “” cue #patgoesaway “” I am literally still crawling my way towards that diploma I have been chasing for the past 2 years. That’s my only pursuit. Haha!

What do you appreciate most in your friends?

PH: They’re loyal, honest, possessive in a cute way.

What’s the worst thing about being a millennial?

PH: The worst thing would have to be not knowing when to stop working, not knowing how or where to place yourself in this world, and not knowing when enough is enough. Basically, we’re just a bunch of confused hard-working people and that is why I take A LOT of time to step back, clear my head, and enjoy life!

What advocacy is closest to your heart?

PH: At the top of my mind, to travel locally.

If you could be a dessert, what would you be?

PH: Chocolate Mousse from Red Ribbon because, O-M-G, it’s my favorite cake since I can remember having a birthday. I would choose chocolate mousse over any dessert. This is tested and proven. Might as well become my favorite dessert, right?

What is the design aesthetic you use for your swimsuit line?

PH: Simple, classic. That’s really pretty much it.

Tell us about your latest design collection.

PH: It’s sporty, it’s simple and functional, but I have a new collection lined up with a more vintage feel.

What’s your favorite summer get-up?

PH: My favorite summer get-up is a pair of denim cut-offs, a white linen buttondown top, and a pair of cute sandals. I think that’s my go-to outfit on a hot summer day. But I’m also into stripes these days! Be it top or bottoms.

As an art student and model, do you think fashion is art?

PH: Yes, it definitely is an art. Everyday art that has less chances of getting yourself frustrated. Haha!

What is your idea of happiness?

PH: Simplicity and contentment.

Who are your heroes in real life?

PH: My family and friends.

You’re dressing up for a night out. What’s your outfit going to look like?

PH: An all-black ensemble. Either a pantsuit or a dress. I don’t really think too much about my outfits for a night out. I put more effort during the day.

Breakfast in bed or candlelit dinner for 2?

PH: Breakfast in bed. It sounds fresher!

When was your last trip to the beach?

PH: Last beach trip? Just got back from one this morning!

What’s your favorite kind of /ESCAPE?

PH: Hitting the beach with crazy company and a really good soundtrack.


Produced and edited by Dan Buenaventura

Photography by Andrea Beldua

Styling by Rione Palacios

Get up to date with Pat Henson’s journey as an art student and swimwear designer on Instagram @patriciahenson.