Partying is Now An Actual Job- Here’s How To Get It!

Partying is Now An Actual Job- Here’s How To Get It!

The Palace Manila is looking for party hosts who are crazy passionate about partying as much as we are. If you think you have awesome party-throwing skills and want to make some moolah while partying, this is literally the job for you. Trust us, you’ll love it. If you can’t choose which it place to promote, here’s something that’s will help you get an idea.



If you need some extra money when your allowance just isn’t cutting it out, why not host your own night at the it spot for University students in the Metro?! You’ll also meet amazing new friends outside of your campus!



If you would rather have a chill night of beer pong and beers, The Island will be a dream to work with for you. With a ton of themes you can do (Hawaiian BBQ Luau to a Summer Forever theme), you’ll never run out of parties to throw! Bonus points if you have 3 floral shirts in your closet. 


“I know my drinks” TYPE = RUM JUNGLE

Serving up the coolest cocktails in the BGC area, Rum Jungle is perfect for those party regulars with a discerning palate for alcohol. If you love to have a relaxed night with some solid food and great company, this is the perfect spot for you to promote. Tita and Titos of Manila are more than welcome! 

Dance + Tequila is life = HOLA CHICA

There’s a special place for tequila lovers in The Palace Manila and it’s hidden inside The Island. Hola Chica serves up cocktails with a sing-along ambiance, if you and you’re squad love nights like this, this is the perfect spot for you to endorse! 



If you want nothing but the finest things in life and indulge in exclusivity, consider Revel as your second home. Nothing less than perfect and premium, Revel is looking for someone who can throw a Gatsby-level party that will get the whole town talking. If that’s you go and slide into our DMs 😉

“Pop Culture is the only reason I’m alive” type = Yes Please

If you’re a huge fan of everything in the circulation and was born in the 90s, your soul might be yearning for a home called Yes Please. With movie-inspired drinks and an ultra 90’s playlist, Yes Please is The Palace Manila’s Time Machine to the great golden days of our childhoods! Now served even better with alcohol!


If your motto is sleep when you’re dead, you are the one Xylo is looking for. Your Spotify probably has the hottest house music and we ain’t judging if you can down Jaggerbombs for breakfast, that’s the exact same energy Xylo needs from a host! If you’re gonna party, might as well snag some money while you’re at it! 


ALL OF THE ABOVE = The Palace Manila

If you’re just as passionate about partying as we are and you feel like you’re all of these personalities, you are exactly who we’re looking for. The Palace Manila is looking for Junior Marketing Officers, VIP Services Managers, and Production Managers who can take The Palace to the next level. Send us your CV and we’ll see what happens!

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