Our Favourite GOT Memes

Our Favourite GOT Memes




Whether you’re actually a fan of Game of Thrones  or not, it’s arguably the most talked about TV series of all time.

In case you haven’t heard : there are about 500,00 people demanding for the remake of Season 8. Those who have signed the said petition feel that the ending of the series hasn’t exactly been thought out well and that it’s been rushed. Overall, the feedback hasn’t been good.

This morning, GOT has released its final episode and the comments don’t stray too far away from the disappointment fans have previously expressed. HBO hasn’t given us any confirmation as to whether the remake is doable or not.

But just as any other unfortunate circumstance, there are always GREAT memes that come out of it. That said, we did our homework and put together some of our favourite GOT memes. Enjoy!


Thoughts on the latest episode? Thoughts on the remake? Your Favourite GOT meme? Let us know in the comments!

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