Our Favorite Things About New Year’s Eve

Our Favorite Things About New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is coming! And we are super duper excited about it! Personally, NYE is something we look forward to more than Christmas day. Sans presents, NYE is all about family, friends and FUN! A holiday spent with both your blood related relatives but still also spent with people you treat as family. Let’s dress it up and party all the way til dawn because we’re ringing in the new decade. Here are a few things we love about New Year’s Eve:

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Bring out the cheese! The cold cuts! The steak! I don’t know why but the food spread during new year’s is so extravagant it’s like the last meal you’ll ever have. But that’s true if you put it in context of the year is about to end. So we are extremely excited to stuff our bellies with some fancy food. 


You don’t get to have champagne everyday. And it’s not really the drink of choice when out on a normal weekend. But let’s pop those bottles because it’s New Year’s! 


Everybody wants to look their best on New Year’s. Even if you’re just celebrating in your house or outside, you dress it up. 


When the clock strikes midnight we are going to drink and dance! And where else will we all rather be? At the Palace parties of course! Which outlet are you celebrating this year? Tip: They’re throwing a white party! So if you wear white you can get in for free at Xylo, Island and BAD! 


Cliche and cheesy as it sounds, let’s all be honest, we all feel this sense of newness a new year brings. What more a new decade, right? So let’s let go of all the past, and let’s start a new!

Advance Happy New Year you guys! What’s your favorite part about NYE? Let us know below!

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