Officially Done: Get Caught Up On The Latest Celeb Gossip This Week

Officially Done: Get Caught Up On The Latest Celeb Gossip This Week

November is the month that just keeps on giving! From Miley and Liam unfollowing each other on Instagram to Sarah and Matteo’s engagement, here are this week’s latest celebrity gossip!

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Unfollow Each Other on Instagram

It seems like #Miam is officially over. Last Monday, fans noticed Liam unfollowing Miley after posting a picture with Cody Simpson in her Nashville house where she married Liam. Shortly after, Miley also unfollowed Liam and Kaitlynn Carter who’s also her ex. Although they haven’t deleted their pics together, chances of them getting back with each other seems pretty slim what with Miley bringing Cody as her date to her brother’s recent wedding and Liam also seen in a PDA-filled date with actress Maddison Brown. We can just hear all the # Miam hearts breaking everywhere!

Harry Styles to Release First Album on December

Prepare yourselves as we get an early Christmas gift from Harry! On December 13, his first album Fine Line will drop and according to Harry himself, this ones2 gonna be about sex and sadness. While many are excited for these new beats, some fans can’t help but think the release date has some hidden meaning as it’s actually Taylor Swift’s birthday, Harry’s ex. Well, we all know that Taylor’s songs Style and Out of the Woods are about Harry, now we can’t wait to see if he returned the favor!

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are Engaged

Despite people’s doubts about their relationship, Sarah and Matteo prove their love is real. On Instagram last Thursday, Matteo posted pictures with Sarah who shows off an engagement ring. Fans and other celebs congratulated the couple who had been together since 2014, while Matteo’s brother revealed that the pair have been engaged for a year already! Matteo has always been open about his goal to marry Sarah, so it didn’t come as a surprise when they made the announcement. We really hope the best for this newly engaged couple!

Kylie Jenner Addresses Rumor She’s Dating Drake

Just like with other celebs, Kylie was recently linked with Drake after her split with Travis Scott. The rumours started after Kylie attended Drake’s birthday last month despite his feud with her brother-in-law Kanye West. But according to sources, the two aren’t seeing each other although they’ve been friends for a while now. Apparently, Kylie is not thinking about dating anyone else as she still wants to work things out with Travis. Currently, the exes are reportedly happy co-parenting their one-year-old daughter Stormi. Raise your hands if you’re like us who are still holding hope for these two!

Documentary Britney Spears: Breaking Point On Why The Icon Shaved Her Head in 2007

Nobody can ever forget when Britney shaved her head more than a decade ago. She was fresh from a divorce and mourning the death of her aunt when she made this rash decision that everyone still remembers to this day. And the recently aired documentary Britney Spears: Breaking Point reveals the reason why. According to hairdresser Esther Tognozzi, Britney actually buzzed half of her head herself as she wasn’t able to talk the pop star out of her decision. Meanwhile, tattoo artist Emily Wynne-Hughes asked Britney why she did it when she went to her tattoo shop the night of the incident. She recalls Britney weirdly answering: ‘I just don’t want anybody touching my head. I don’t want anyone touching my hair. I’m sick of people touching my hair.’ So much has happened to Britney since then and after a very long hiatus, but now she’s back and we can’t help but feel very proud of this ultimate icon!

Did we miss any celeb news that made your week? Let us know in three comments below!

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