The NOs You Can Do This November

The NOs You Can Do This November

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the… HOLD UP! It’s still too early to focus on other holidazey things but we all know that some of us still have stuff to sort out or people we want to prove something to. No worries because we got your back! We have listed the 5 things you can do this November that will not take much of an effort but will surely impact your life positively! 

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NO Blackout November

Go out and style and be able to leave the club with just a fun buzz, Not every night out should end up with you throwing up everywhere or not remembering what a good time you had. This can actually help you practice drinking like a pro, find out what your tolerance is, and know who your real friends are. They sure won’t force you if they know you have a goal and that is to get drunk with grace!

NO Chip November

Okay now this one might pose as a real challenge. Laying off on those chippy potato goodness might not be easy for anyone. Although it could be something you are already doing because of the fad diets we have been seeing lately, trying to avoid junk food is a good start to a healthier lifestyle. You’ll never know, it could be something you won’t look for eventually. 

NO Plastic November

EASY PEASY! Skipping plastics is probably the easiest in this link. Just always come in prepared with your bags, straws, containers, and you are good to go. A lot of people are starting to do plastic Free July but you can literally start this any month you like. It is for a great cause and will help us all breathe a cleaner air in the future.

NO Shop November

For those retail therapy hoes out there, you are not alone. This is the chance for you to start resisting the temptation of swiping that card or withdrawing that last thousand off of your bank account. This can also help you build up that savings account. Sounds like a plan right? 

NO Netflix November

Stop that binge and press pause! Get out of your chill mode and spend more time with your friends and family by doing this November challenge. The only thing you’ll miss out on is not utilizing that netflix bill but you will for sure gain more quality time with the people you value the most. 

What are you waiting for? Try out these November challenges and let us know if it has changed your life and we all know it’s for the better! 

Comment below to share your experiences!

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