New Physical Activities to Try This Year

New Physical Activities to Try This Year

New Physical Activities to Try This Year

2020 is coming in hot and fresh. It’s time for you to do the same! A fresh start does not need to be all about the resolutions. You can do that later and just jump into the year head on. Here’s a few things you can try this year to get that spirit going! 

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Pole Dancing 

This sexy and sultry dance sport is good for developing your body, especially your core. They also have different styles that you can specialize in. Being yourself and carrying your body with grace on that pole is an eye-opening experience worth every buck. Try it with Pole Cats Manila or Pole Dolls Manila and ease it in!



There are so many surfing spots that are accessible to us already! Since the sport gained more popularity because of the recent SEA Games, why not give this fun activity a try? It’s affordable and you don’t even need to get your own board when you start. Elyu Surf School in La Union and Botiti Boys of Siargao offer hourly classes at Php 500.



Are you a fan of flying? Well this sport does not teach you how to fly but close! Enjoy it with your friends and see how high you can skip, hop, or jump. You’ll never know you have it in you unless you give it a try! 


Water Treading

Do you want a physical activity that won’t make you sweat? Try water treading in a pool! You just need to stay afloat and move your legs as if you are cycling in water. You can do it in a fun weekend outing with friends, challenge them, and burn calories while having fun. All you need is some music, great company, and counting skills! 


Beach Clean Ups 

Last but not the least, this is one of our favourite physical activities to try this year! There are local organizations that facilitate beach clean ups but you can also do them on your own. Just have some gloves, reusable sacks/trash bags, and a good segregation drop off point. It’s a good way to make friends and give back to the ocean. SEA Movement in Siargao and Clean Beach Coffee in La Union are good places to start!


Have you tried any of these activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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