New Movies We’re Excited To See This Month

New Movies We’re Excited To See This Month

It’s the start of the “ber” season, when the weather gets cold and everything starts to get festive. Yep, it’s September! And this new month comes with all sorts of new movies for everyone. Read on to know what the film gods have for us!

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It Chapter 2

Prepare to lose some sleep because Pennywise is back! It Chapter 2 is set 27 years after the Losers Club defeated the evil clown. And this time, kids from the small town of Derry are starting to disappear again. Now, the Losers have to go back to their hometown and defeat Pennywise once and for all. But could they actually do it?

One Piece: Stampede

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, one of the biggest anime series is releasing it’s 14th feature film this month. One Piece: Stampede takes us to a Pirate Expo and the world’s most infamous pirates will join. But of course this event will be plagued with action, mystery, and death in their journey to find a lost treasure. Get ready for some adventure with this movie and find out if Luffy and the gang takes the gold!


If you can already relate just by the title of this movie, then you should definitely give this one a watch! Jowable, based on a Youtube series of the same name, is about a young, NBSB lady desperately looking for the love of her life. Filled with humor, honesty and tons of hugot lines, this will surely be one hell of an entertaining film!


Of course, September has something for all you young at heart! Abominable is a story of an unusual friendship between three kids and a yeti that escaped the hands of evil scientists. Now, they have to work together to reunite Everest the yeti with his family or be captured for some crazy tests. Watch this film if you wanna escape reality to a mythical journey of family and friendship!

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

Local indie movies just keep getting better and better. And this year’s entries for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino are no different. To celebrate the 100th year of Philippine cinema, the film festival will be showing a variety of movies about romance, fame, friendship, and family so you’ll definitely find one that’ll suit your taste!

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