7 Things We Want to Thank Avocado for This National Avocado Day

7 Things We Want to Thank Avocado for This National Avocado Day

We couldn’t let Avocado Day, July 31, pass without professing our appreciation online. That’s like…the rules of foodieism! We all know Avocado is the fruit (yes, not a vegetable) we can add to almost anything to satisfy our health buff needs without sacrificing our foodie wants. Avocado is rich in taste, color, texture, and of course–nutrients. Here are other reasons why we love Avocado!

Thank You for 10 Grams of Fiber 


There are 10 grams of fiber in one medium-sized avocado. We’re talking about both insoluble (which speeds up the passage of foods) and soluble fiber (the fiber that makes you feel full). This is why “dieters” love ’em!

Thank You for Being the Best Kind of Fat We Could Ever Have


Avocados are full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that boosts good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. It’s one of the few fruits that have this.

Thank You for Looking Extra Good on My Food #Flatlays


You can’t deny, Avocados look hella good on the gram.

And for Making Me Feel I Actually Care About My Body

Eating an avocado a day might just fix everything, plus it makes me feel like I can salvage the cheat meal I just ate earlier.

Thank You for Being Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and Cholesterol-Free.


Avocados are the best for all kinds of consumers. They don’t need to be labeled and are naturally bursting with nutrition.

Thank You for Guacamole.


What is guacamole, everyone’s favorite dip, without avocado? It’s a nightmare, we tell you.

And of Course, for Being Ripe Whenever We Needed You to Be. 


Okay fine, maybe not always? It’s a bit tricky to know if avocados are ripe or not, but when they are, the goodness is off the charts. Just a tip, you can tell if they’re ripe if they feel heavy for their size, yield to light pressure, and are dark in color. If they’re not yet ripe, don’t worry. Put in a brown paper bag or inside your rice dispenser for 2-4 days to speed up the process.

So, did you have Avocado today? Avocado is the superfood you can’t miss out on. Let us know in the comments below your go-to Avocado dish! Or you might as well check out our creative Avocado recipes here! 

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