Myths About Tarot Readings

Myths About Tarot Readings

Myths About Tarot Readings

Ever wondered if the future can be predicted? Are you curious if a set of cards can tell what you are thinking? Tarot readings could be fun but can come quite scary to many. Here are some myths about tarot readings and a tarot reader’s thoughts about them!


MYTH # 1: Tarot Readings Are Definite

As much as we want this all to be true so life gets easier, the cards only show a reflection of a person’s energy and current state. Readings can serve as a guide to the future that we want to happen and it depends on the receiver of the reading on how they will act upon the message that they have received.


MYTH # 2: Readers Use Magic to Read Cards

If this was a reality, this can actually be a career. The reader are basically people who can help interpret the cards for the person getting read. It’s very simple and for beginners, guidebooks can be of assistance. Some readers practice over time to get a feel of their cards. It’s like learning a skill, you can take workshops for it.


MYTH # 3: The Cards Are Evil

A huge misconception is that the cards support evil or even show it. There are cards such as death or a devil card but their interpretations are really very poetic. They simply provide enlightenment and sometimes peace when you are bothered with unanswered questions.


MYTH # 4: When a Card Is Reversed, It Is Bad for You

Cards that are pulled and revealed to be upside down are just depicting the opposite of the actual definition. When you get a card like this, it does not mean that bad luck is coming. Transposed cards are just that, reversed meanings.


MYTH # 5: Only Psychics Can Read Tarot Cards

Super not true! I actually encourage you to buy a deck and read cards. Anyone can become a tarot reader. If it is something that interests you, you should give it a try. Reading can be amusing and compelling. You’ll never guess who amongst your crowd is into it. It’s just like reading a story!


Interested in tarot readings? Don’t hesitate when these myths are shared with you. Share you first reading experiences with us below!


Featured image grabbed from The Moon Child Tarot (@themoonchiltarot)

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