Music, Representation, Purpose : 5 Facts About Manila Grey

Music, Representation, Purpose : 5 Facts About Manila Grey

In just a few more nights, XYLO is bringing us, yet again, another sought after international act with Manila Grey. Known for their hit single : “Timezones” and their six-track project No Saints Under the Shade, Neeko and Soliven, are here to give you an epic night to remember. 

We’re just as excited as you are to drink and dance the night away. With that, here are 5 facts you’d probably want to know about Manila Grey. 

The duo first rose to fame via social media. 



Specifically through the platforms Youtube and Spotify. Just last year, three of their singles have garnered over a million plays each. They were the top of the list on the “Artist You Should Listen To” segment and have often been mentioned alongside IV of Spades and Jess Conelly when it comes to artists we should stop sleeping on. 


They’re childhood friends. 


The duo actually goes way, way back as Neeko and Soliven reveal that they’re actually childhood friends. 


Their producer is Azel North. 


Another Vancouver-based creative, Azel North is the man behind the production of all their records. As the two would put it : “He’s been there since Day 1.” 


They’re firm believers that yes, we still need more representation. 


Ever heard of other Filipino-Canadians in the same music sphere Manila Grey is moving in? Neither have we, and for them, it’s precisely the reason why they’re choosing to do what they do. Manila Grey represent a vast majority of the Filipino-diaspora – many of which, just like them, want to stay in touch with their Filipino roots. 


Their name holds a meaning just as deep as their purpose. 


In a previous interview, they use the name “MANILA GREY” as it brings together two important facets of their identity. “Manila” touching base with their roots as it’s where they grew up and “Grey” is the area where they get to express what they’ve learned growing up in a completely different country. 

Catch Manila Grey live at the Palace on November 7, 2019. Make sure to follow @XYYLOManila on Instagram for more details!

Photo credits : @ManilaGrey

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