Money Hacks To Take Seriously In 2019

Money Hacks To Take Seriously In 2019

We’re pretty sure, at one point in history, some wise person  said : you can never go wrong with setting aside money for when the going gets tough. And you know what? Whoever that is – he or she is actually right.

We’re halfway through the first month of the year and things seem to be looking good – based off these astrology-slash-numerology predictions at least. That said, here are a few money hacks you may want to consider to take seriously this year.

  1. Explore the wonders of raket science.


We’ve talked about things concerning this previously : the art of hustle as well as how to make extra cash on the side. One way to be able to save more is to generate an additional stream of income.


  1. Evaluate your expenses.

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List down every single thing you spend money on so you can identify which ones you could possibly do away without. This list of things to stop spending money on this year might be helpful.


  1. Consider this : Spend less on material things, spend more on memories.

A new pair of shoes could amount to a weekend trip to a nearby destination. If you wanna save money, you gotta find ways to maximize your money’s worth. Science also suggests that people who are more stressed out tend to spend more than those who aren’t.


  1. Buy in bulk and split with friends.

Simply put, stuff bought in bulk are usually much cheaper. This applies to subscription services too! 

  1. If you’ve got the liberty to take charge over how your days go – do so wisely.


For example, if you’re headed to Makati on a Tuesday, why not schedule meetings or other things that need to be done in Makati on the same day. By doing this you don’t only avoid bad vibes that come with getting stuck in traffic. You can also cut down the expenses walking to your next destinations.


  1. Maximize your office perks.

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If you’re one of the lucky few to get free stuff from your office, maximize that. For example : if your office offers free coffee or water – STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER & OVERPRICED COFFEE. You’ll be surprised at how much you get to save.


  1. In the words of Marie Kondo : “Does this spark joy?”


With apps and Facebook groups dedicated to finding new homes for pre-loved stuff where they’ll be of better use, you’d be shookt to find out how much you can make just by getting rid of stuff you don’t use.


  1. Make saving fun.


You know those funny saving challenges that go viral on Facebook every now and then? It honestly wouldn’t hurt to give that a try. Say for instance, the invisible money challenge. Just pick one amount of paper bill you choose not to spend for an entire year. Each time you receive that amount – you don’t spend it. You just keep it until the end of the year. You can make this as a challenge among you and your friends to make it more exciting.


  1. Set realistic money goals.


The reason why a lot of millennials find it extremely difficult to save is because we set unrealistic & unattainable goals when trying to save. Sure, aim big. But knowing it’s not at all realistic will get you discouraged from trying in the first place.


Any other tips you might wanna share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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