Blogger of the Month: Miko Carreon, the Style Architect

Blogger of the Month: Miko Carreon, the Style Architect

Hi! I’m Michael Marqueses Carreon but you can call me Miko, I am also known as The Style Architect! I’ve been blogging since 2011 and transitioned to micro blogging through Instagram since 2014 and vlogging via YouTube since 2018. Been collaborating with different brands such as Zalora, Uniqlo, Adidas, Philips, Bench, and many more! Mostly fashion brands tap me and from time to time some tech and food brands as well. Since that time, I somehow became inactive in blogging and I thought that brands won’t get me as one of their influencers but I still get brands that trust and believe in me and my capabilities as a social media guy to bring the word out there, maybe because I really put my 100% effort to give great content to my supporters! I really make time to shoot the stuff that I need to promote and be professional in every posting guidelines that they give me and I think being as authentic as possible in what I post added value to what I really promote, it has to be something that I truly believe in and that reflects my integrity in this industry and who I am as a person.

Besides doing these things I also have a professional job, started working in 2016 for the architectural design studio Jagnus Design Studio located at Ronac Art Center in San Juan and now currently working for our family’s design + construction firm, Hercar Builders Inc. I also have my own fashion brand which I consider a passion project called Blank and did I mention that I also dance! I’m actually part of a dance team called Aftermath which is composed of former DLS-CSB’s Romancon members and we’ve been competing locally and internationally for a year now!

To be honest juggling two thing in one day is hard but juggling 4 things?!?! (I’m shookt) is harder because of how I should manage my time in a day! Imagine having to have a day job for 8 hours and then juggling my own fashion brand and also meeting deadlines as a social media guy then going to training at night with my team…well….just imagine. Crazy right? But I can say what drives me to do all these things is my passion in each job as I put my 100% in each field.

Having said that, I have a motto in life which is “Put excellence in everyday” and that is my mantra every time I wake up in the morning to keep me driven. Yes, it’s tiring but at the end of the day doing what you love and fulfilling things that you didn’t expect that you can do will make your heart full! Trust me on this! Lol.

I’m not saying I’m the epitome of “jack of all trades” but having multiple professions is both a curse and a blessing. A curse because there are times that there’s just too much on my plate that I can’t even handle everything and I have to sacrifice and prioritize some stuff. There will even come a point when I have to give up something and just go back to it if you have the luxury of time again. A blessing because I’m basically earning from the things I love doing and having multiple sources of income and at my age now I can finally say that i’m stable enough to live a life independently.

I guess you just really have to know what you really love doing and, as cliche as it may sound, you must find a job that don’t feel like a job for you. Keep that fire burning, do it for the love of it and to serve others, be an inspiration, be kind and just be as authentic as you can be with the things you do then blessings will come your way. But don’t count the chickens if the eggs haven’t hatched yet! Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get what you expected, as it is okay to fail because you can learn from it. Just take it in and don’t give up on your dreams and ambitions.

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