Mariah, Travis, Kygo: All the Major Miguel Collabs You Know Of

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Mariah, Travis, Kygo: All the Major Miguel Collabs You Know Of

We stan Miguel to bits and it goes beyond his talent and dope ass philosophy. ICYMI, Miguel’s influence in the music industry is SUPER UNDERRATED. We’re 100% sure that you’ve heard his music somewhere and possibly even missed him on some major hits with other wild talents! Miguel is the COLLAB KING. The real question is: is there anyone Miguel hasn’t collaborated with yet?! Read on to see his major hits with other stars!

Mariah Carey

#Beautiful is a pretty huge hit and we all remember goddess Mariah Carey bursting a note or two on there but Miguel was actually the super sexy singer with Mariah on this track! Who else is shocked?!

Travis Scott

One of Miguel’s more known collabs is with Kylie-arm-candy Travis Scott for Sky Walker!


Miguel and J. Cole have a lot of collab tracks that date back as early as nine years ago! The two have forged an iconic music relationship through the years, their more recent hit? Come through and Chill!

Calvin Harris

In a special edition of I Found You, Miguel joins Calvin Harris and Benny Blanco. It’s a heartwarming twist to the party track. The MV is a major tear-jearer!

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Rich the Kid

Road trip? Weekend vibes? Woah is a great chill song that also works as a chill pre-game song. Also on the track with Miguel and Rich the Kid is Ty Dolla $ign.

Dua Lipa

This track super proves that Miguel is an underrated talent. Who else here is shocked to find out that he was actually in this party anthem from Dua Lipa?! Shots for all of us who didn’t know!

Disney’s Coco

Yup, Miguel is on the official soundtrack of Disney’s Coco. Facts you probably didn’t know, Miguel has Mexican blood from his dad making him the perfect guy for Coco! Remember Me is more PG from Miguel’s other tracks!


From Remember Me to Remind Me to Forget, we can totally see how versatille Miguel is. Remind Me to Forget is probably one of the more famous Miguel collabs. This track is a major anthem for those who are dancing to forget.

Janelle Monae

Janelle is a great compliment to Miguel’s dreamy bedroom voice. Primetime is like a chocolate sundae on a hot day: it’s sweet, decadent, and totally sinful! We approve!

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Kendrick Lamar

Another huge hit, How Many Drinks is a signature sultry song he worked on with Kendrick Lamar.

Mac Miller

Miguel even has a track with the late Mac Miller! Released back in 2016, Weekend is a total hip hop and rap dream between the two huge talents of this generation!

John Legend

We can all agree that John and Miguel have two things in common: amazing marriages with extremely beautiful women and a talent for music. Overload is an overload of sexy and sultry with a kick of that 2003 R&B but with a modern twist.

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