Micro-Resolutions: Small Life Changes For People Who Suck at Change

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Micro-Resolutions: Small Life Changes For People Who Suck at Change

Change is difficult, it can’t be achieved overnight or in 3 to 6 months. It’s extremely overwhelming to step out of your comfort zone or to create new habits for yourself that you’re not even sure you can commit to. We’re all guilty of this, admit it. As someone who also hates the disruptive element of change, the secret to actually changing is to be consistent and start small. 


A lot of the things in this list involve writing things down so get your planner ready. If you don’t have one, turn any notebook into a journal to track your progress! Online and app journals will also do perfectly for those on the go!


1. List Down Things You’re Grateful for

Science has proven that listing down three good things that happened to you in a day can do wonders for your well-being. Harvard, Berkley, and more fancy institutions have proven that gratitude changes your outlook in life, improves your relationships, keeps you satisfied with life, and so much more. And these things don’t have to be huge. It can be as simple as someone helped the elevator door for you, you had a healthy meal for lunch, you weren’t late for work today, and so on.  

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2. Write down one thing good about today

Related to the first point, you’ve probably seen this on your feed. A jar full of tiny notes with good memories that happened throughout the year and you read it at the end of the year. It’s adorable and super nostalgic. Writing down on tiny sticky notes will only take less than 3 minutes of your day and it will last you the cutest throwback at the end of the year!


3. Track Your Water

Some planners have these already but if yours doesn’t, you should totally have it. Water is so essential to creating a healthier you and getting enough of it can be hard with the lure of sugary drinks and caffeine. Track down if you’ve drank your 8 glasses a day or better yet, get one of those tumblers that have cute markers to remind you to drink up!

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4. List Down your Expenses

Knowing what you spend on will help you see all the unnecessary things you spend on or the things you spend too much on. This will make you realise that you could trim down in some areas and probably save up some money for a rainy day. If carrying around a planner for this too burdensome, there’s a ton of free apps for this!

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5. Save a Penny everyday

If you’ve seen the ipon challenge, you’ve probably seen how rewarding this can be. Get a jar or any container and just empty out your bag or pockets of the coins in the jar. Sure, it wouldn’t seem a lot but accumulated by the end of the year, you can have thousands of pesos worth in that jar! Plus, you get rid of all those coins that make your bag so heavy! You can also try the more structured money saving challenges that require you to drop in anywhere from P20 to P100 everyday in a month. 


6. Allot one day to /ESCAPE

Whatever your self-care plan is, we highly recommend allocating one night to just go all out and wal-wal. Dance, get wacky, and get shit-faced because you deserve it! Plus, we’re pretty sure that partying is the secret to a longer life! So let’s drink to that!


7. Forgive yourself if you miss a day 

Habit-forming is hard and just because you missed a day means you failed completely. You will fail if you let that one day of failure let the other days affect it. There’s always tomorrow for you to start clean and fresh! 

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