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Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio - A Reading For Things To Watch Out For


Even though Mercury Retrograde has earned the reputation of being a hated messenger of confusion, miscommunication, and craziness, we truly believe that life will always flow smoothly if we connect with the energy of the universe instead of fighting it.

So, for each zodiac sign, we've created a mercury retrograde little handbook! Let's have a look atMercury Retrograde in Scorpio - a reading for things to watch out forand how to not only get through it but also make the most of its potent energy to advance and advance!

What Does Mercury In Retrograde Mean?

Mercury appears to spin backwards while it is in retrograde. Mercury is in charge of communication and technology, so it determines how we send and receive messages from others.

Stay present in conversations, consider your words before you speak, and definitely read your texts and emails again before sending them if you want to avoid the chaotic scrambling impact of this retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde in Birth Chart (Astrology)

What Happens When Mercury Is In Retrograde

Prepare yourself for a lot of #backwardsday energy in general when it comes to your friendships, social media life, and collaborative endeavors. There will be a lot of that delightfully rebellious, cooperative, and working-for-the-greater-good spirit in the air.

Mercury Retrograde, Scorpio 2022

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio - a reading for things to watch out for:

  • While you might not want to hear it, it won't come as a surprise to find that this Mercury retrograde will hit a fairly personal note for you as you have the wonderful distinction of hosting it, Scorpio.
  • In particular, issues of commitment will now be in the spotlight, casting doubt on your sign's certainty that strictly following a strategy that was put out months ago is the only way to move forward.
  • Plans can change, Scorp, and so can your priorities; shifting your attention from one issue to another won't make you erratic or unreliable.
  • Never question your instincts or lead yourself down a disappointing path.
  • Being a fixed sign, you dislike the agitated energy that retrograde brings, but fortunately, you are also highly resourceful and can deal with any issue that comes your way.
  • This Mercury retrograde is in your fourth house of the family, so there could be some unexpected developments with a close friend or relative.

People Also Ask

What Does The Mercury Retrograde Do To Scorpios?

Scorpio, you are entering a period of resolution, healing, and illumination. For you, this Mercury retrograde is all about closing one book and comprehending the lessons it has taught you. For you, the key to navigating this transit is to let go and flow with change rather than resisting it.

What Should I Be Careful Of During Mercury Retrograde?

  • Do not sign any contracts just yet.
  • Be ready for traffic and other difficulties when traveling.
  • Avoid circumstances that are ripe for miscommunication.
  • Do not depend on technology.
  • Delete that "U Up?" message sent by a toxic ex.
  • Avoid beginning anything new.

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Scorpio 2022?

Scorpio, get ready to take a deep dive into your own mind. Since Mercury is now in your spiritual 12th house, you may have to face some of your inner demons.


Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: a reading for things to watch out for are provided above, consider them. Although others may assume you're strong, your scorpion-like exterior hides a very sensitive and perceptive spirit.

Lean on your intuition to help you through difficult family circumstances. You can sense the truth behind other people's comments, and acting on that intuition will lead to the best solution for everyone.

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