Mental Health Exercises You Can Practice To Adjust To Life After The Enhanced Community Quarantine

Mental Health Exercises You Can Practice To Adjust To Life After The Enhanced Community Quarantine

Even though the ECQ is still set to end on May 15, 2020 there is still a chance that it might be extended or modified according to how the next few days will play out. Although we’re surrounded by a lot of anxiety and uncertainty right now, our new normal post-quarantine may still be overwhelming especially given that we might experience major changes that come along with it. 

Here are a few daily mental health exercises you can practice to help yourself cope with an eventual new normal:

  1. Make a list of what you’re grateful for today. 

It may be as simple as being thankful for being able to go to work, or you can list as may reasons for being grateful as you want! The important thing is to focus on the positives in your life while still remaining aware of how we can properly adjust to the new normal. 

  1. Pick a daily happiness hobby and commit to it every day for one hour. 

Once quarantine is lifted, you may experience a surge in work or daily activity around you that could be over-stimulating. Make sure you have enough time every day to wind down with something relaxing. You can read, listen to music or podcasts, talk to friends online, and more! 

  1. Maintain a journal and update it as much as you need to. 

Regardless whether you want to write down positive or negative thoughts, a journal is an excellent way to unload a brain on overdrive. Sometimes posting on social media seems too public to alleviate your anxiety and a journal could be more private and secure. 

  1. Give yourself social media breaks every once in a while. 

We know how depressing the news can get, and you’re doing a favor for your brain by giving yourself much needed breaks. Use this time to pursue relaxing activities or simply enjoy your time while being disconnected. 

  1. It’s alright to vent. 

Whether it’s to a friend, a family member, or a counselor, turn off your filter and say what you need to say. Toxic positivity shouldn’t be your main mindset during this time, and it’s perfectly fine to feel bad about being in a pandemic. Process your feelings properly and remember that we will all get through this together.

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