Meet Poppy’s Gin Bar and the Old-School Charm Behind It

Meet Poppy’s Gin Bar and the Old-School Charm Behind It

Everyone loves old-school classics. Vinyls, vintage clothes from your grandma, retro Beetle cars, even recipes passed on from one generation to another. In The Island, you’ll discover a relatively new concept with a charming and dreamy backstory.

Poppy’s Gin Bar is inspired by old-world charms and a time when photos naturally had a sepia filter on. Stepping in it is like stepping into a time machine to the 1600s, a total departure from The Island’s bright lights and funky furniture. It’s an indoor bar with a chill atmosphere.

Poppy is the wife of a captain of the British Empire, they were stationed in India, one of the main trading stations of the world in the midst of war. “As the men played with their guns, I began to develop a fascination for herbs, plants, and botanicals.” Poppy writes in a note you can read yourself at the bar. The concoctions and food on the Gin Bar’s menu are from all her travels

classics like striploin and green wraps are on the menu for a very nostalgic pre-game. But if you ask us, Poppy’s Gin Bar is perfect for a first date and a great place to talk. Its romantic setting is very dreamy and the menu will surely impress your date. If you’re single by choice, it can also be your new go-to for a heart-to-heart with the bestie.

For the drinks, expect dreamy cocktails that look as good as they taste. Refreshing infusions and surprising mixes are waiting for you at this latest Gin Bar. “We put together a cocktail menu with your favorite classics, some low abv aperitivo, and some delicious new combinations, all looking to be refreshing and full of flavors from the old spice routes.” Erwan Heussaff shares.

However, to quote Nelly Furtado, all good things come to an end. Poppy’s Gin Bar will only be around for around six months. So consider this bar your next best fling, make the most out of it!

Poppy’s Gin Bar is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, 6pm-onwards. No dress code and no entrance fee needed, just you and a thirst for the finest gin concoctions.

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