Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? They say the flap of a butterfly’s wings from one point in space can send enough shockwaves to create a storm on the other side of the world. Similar to that, Bela Padilla’s Celeste and Carlo Aquino’s Jesse had flapped their wings in their teenage years, and we got to see the results storm before us in their latest film, Meet Me In St. Gallen. A story as genuinely great and bittersweet as the last fifteen minutes of La La Land, this Filipino film breaks the norms of Filipino films.

Minor spoilers ahead. I won’t necessarily spoil the whole film, but something’s going to slip here and there. We’ve all been in their situation. We’ve all had that fateful night with one person we wish could’ve been more. The only difference is, we can’t fast forward in life to find out what happens.

Realization: Learn when to break rules and when to follow them

The film starts off at all time lows for our faves. Jesse went out for a good time and he’s honestly feeling so attacked right now. Celeste is stressed with work. Boom, she quits. Like them, you need to trust that you and the people around you know what’s best. For Celeste, this was leaving her job. For Jesse, this was putting his pride down. Seeing them become successful through the course of the film is inspiring. But who’s footsteps will you follow in? The right answer, is your own. Mic DROP.

Realization: Great love can grow from not so great places

You’re sitting in a coffee shop, cute girl chatting you up. You get to know each other. Divulge your problems onto one another. In the heat of the moment, you both spread your legs and end up having a one night stand. Needless to say, that’s not really the typical beginning of a Filipino love story. With that in mind, you’re very much in that position yourself. Aren’t you? But then again, not all of your one night stands are as charming as either Celeste or Jesse.

Realization: Loving someone should be done out of emotion, not convenience

The dialogue in the film was really good. It’s realistic, meaningful, and not being said for the sole purpose of having to say something. In short, hindi siya mema. Some conversations, such as the one about not loving someone just because they’re there can hit you right in the gut when you really think about it. Because how many of us out here are dating guys, solely not to feel lonely? But then Jesse fires back that he only care about what’s happening in the moment. Hala siya!

Realization: The one that got away is someone you’ll never stop thinking about.

Totoong may tadhana. I truly believe whoever’s meant to be in your life is meant to be in it. You can try cheating God or Destiny and seek fortune tellers, but at the end of the day, que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. You might meet someone who’s perfect for you in every way and for some odd reason, you’re not going to act on it. That is, until years later, when you see the person again and realize”¦ damn I should’ve done something. But it’s too late now. All you’re left with is a crush on a boy who has a fiancée. All you can do now is wonder what if? Welcome to life with a #TOTGA.

Realization: Moira Dela Torre makes everything better

Before I watched Meet Me In St. Gallen, I already had some sort of feeling about how it’s going to turn out. The trailer itself made it a particular point to enter”¦ Moira. Her melodic voice just makes all love stories, whether pure happy-ever-afters, or sad stories about #TOTGAs, so much more emotional. My final realization is that I want Moira to be the soundtrack of my life. Because whether I end up in St. Gallen or Sampalok, I’ll need some dramatic music when I find my forever.

Bela Padilla and Carlos Aquino’s on-screen chemistry had made the film come to life, inspiring us to truly live life the way we should, full of love. Act on your emotions now, because if you don’t, you might just regret it. FInd out how their great love plays out in Meet Me In St. Gallen, in cinemas now! Can’t get over that one special person? Tell us all about your #TOTGA in the comments section below!