DJ Marc Naval: Full-Time DJ and Family Man

DJ Marc Naval: Full-Time DJ and Family Man

Drop by any Palace Manila bar and you’re bound to have danced to DJ Marc Naval’s sets. He started his music career right after college because of his brother John who was a member of NBK (Natural Born Klubbers), an organization who handles the hottest parties in Manila. Marc shares that this is where he got his first big break. His skills, on the other hand, were self-taught. “I still have a basic system in my house. I taught myself to beat match, mix, all that.”

Prior to DJing, Marc was on the road to becoming a retail king. When his nightlife career shot through the roof, he benched the store for the meantime. His loving and supportive wife, Jean, now manages the fashion line with a home line. Marc, on the other hand, has been focused on creating music and breathing life into the local club scene.

“Music has always been with me. When I was a kid, I would sit in front of the radio with a pen and paper and write down the Top 40 Hits,” the DJ reminisces. Now, however, the DJ mixes the Top 40 Hits with his fave songs from Guns & Roses and other famous rock bands. On his playlist are the greatest by Alesso, Paul Van Dyk, and Roger Sanchez. Aside from his music heroes, Marc also says that instead of being jealous or insecure about the fresh new talents and veterans out here, he’s more inspired to play when he sees them. “Seeing other people play is my inspiration.”

Just like the other resident Palace DJs, Marc is all about playing music he and his audience will love. In order to get a set right, he feels the crowd with a glass of Hennessy V.S. in hand, to see what music the crowd seems to relate and react to. “I drink Hennessy because it compliments my nights. It’s smooth and classic. Best part is I don’t get drunk so I can still work flawlessly at night. It really compliments my nights.” Note: Why can’t we all have jobs that allow us to drink during work hours?!

Marc Naval having his drink of choice with him makes his nights unforgettable and easier to navigate. Out of all the gigs he’s played at, he knows that he has done his job right once he sees everyone dancing early on in the night. “Sometimes I do opening sets and it’s never really crowded but when I see people dancing this early I know I’ve set the right mood.”

His advice for new meat to the industry? “Love what you’re doing and what you’re playing. It’s easy to love DJing but to love the music you’re playing is hard. Anyone can get trapped into the mistake of playing the anthems and the big hits. But you should always play new stuff. That’s what will keep your nights fresh.”

Unlike other DJs, Marc is a break from the DJ stereotype of being a bachelors who lives the fast life. Booze, babes, beats, as they say. However, for DJ Marc Naval, it’s all about balancing family, business, and the night scene. “My wife and I met when I was already a DJ, so she knew what she married into,” the DJ jokes. Aside from being a resident Palace DJ, Marc also owns a clothing and home line and is part owner of The Palace Manila. On top of that, he’s a father to a little boy named Sky.

“He thinks it’s pretty cool,” shares Marc when asked how little Sky perceives his Daddy’s job. Marc once had to bring Sky to a childrens’ clothing event that required the father-son-tandem to be there. Sky was up in the booth with his dad, pretending to play the sick beats for the event.

When asked if he thinks baby Sky will follow his footsteps, Marc shares that he sees a businessman inside his baby boy. “I think he’ll be more into business, I can feel it. I hope he pursues that normal business route,” he shares.

On regular days, Marc usually takes to the booth on his own and comes home during the wee-hours of the morning. “I come home late from gigs. I get home around 4AM or so. However, I still wake up early in the morning for my family so I can have breakfast with them, you know those little things,” he shares. AWWW. #DreamDad

Being in the industry for such a long time, this seems like something Marc was born to do. So we asked if this is something Marc wanted to do for the rest of his life. Surprisingly, he said no. “DJing, maybe not. Nightlife, yes.” He spills that while he does have the passion to spin and play music, he doesn’t see it as a long term gig. However, continuously revolutionizing the nightlife, is something he’d like to do for keeps. And we’re more than excited on the ideas he has instore

Catch DJ Marc Naval on the Xylo at the Palace stage on October 11, 2019 for NOCTURNE. Contact +63917 680 8888 for inquiries and reservations.


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