Lockdown Tips for People Struggling with Anxiety

Lockdown Tips for People Struggling with Anxiety

We usually associate anxiety triggers with a lot of what we experience from the outside, but cabin fever can cause you to experience anxiety symptoms even within the comfort of your own home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Sometimes a quick scroll through Twitter could cause your heartbeat to spike up, making it so much more difficult to relax when you’re being bombarded with bad news. 


Because the responsible thing to do is to stay home during community quarantine to flatten the curve of infection, we all need to manage our own anxiety at home for the time being. If you’re experiencing anxiety symptoms, here are some ways you can manage these at home: 


Limit the amount of news you consume. 

Choose one trusted news source and only follow this exclusively throughout quarantine. Yes, this could mean taking a break from scrolling through people having their own breakdowns on Twitter. This will help you stay informed while still staying sane.


Practice controlled breathing exercises. 

Whenever you feel your anxiety spiking up, stop what you’re doing and take deep, controlled breaths. Allow yourself to relax before continuing your daily activities. 


Talk to your friends or significant others online. 

If you belong to a traditional Filipino family, you likely live with your family members and not with your barkada or jowa. Don’t be shy to ask for a quick video call with your loved ones on the outside. They can probably help you curb your anxiety in a much more efficient manner. 


If you’ve been going to a psychiatrist or psychologist for mental health issues, request for online consultations. 

Just because a community quarantine has been enforced, this doesn’t mean that your mental health priorities should be put on hold. Talk this out with your doctor and see what can be done in the meantime. 


Catch some morning sun.

You don’t have to leave your home to do so! Open your windows and bathe your room in natural light to liven up your indoor atmosphere. 


Enforce a buddy system if you have to buy meds outside. 

If confronting checkpoints makes you anxious, bring a buddy with you to get what you need! Remember to maintain social distancing and bring all the prescriptions you need. 


Pick a calming routine and practice it daily during the lockdown. 

Do you feel calmer when maintaining a journal? Illustrating? Reading a book? Or maybe you love working out? Whatever your routine may be, commit to it daily so you have something calming to look forward to. 


Remember that this will all come to pass. 

Like previous pandemics that hit us, COVID-19 will eventually become manageable enough to merit lifting the lockdown. Focus on taking things day by day and remember that this is all temporary. 


Stay calm, stay home, and stay healthy during the lockdown! 

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