Local Celebrities That We Love For Advocating Environmental Protection

Local Celebrities That We Love For Advocating Environmental Protection

The Philippines being an island filled with beautiful spots to visit, protection and conservation of our country’s treasures are really innate in every Filipino. Some of our top tier celebrities take time to dedicate their own social media platforms to educate and communicate recurring environmental issues in the hopes that their influence can inspire the community to act on making our country a better place for all of us. 


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  1. Andi Eigenmann 

Andi Eigenmann, celebrity and mom of two, is a proud “island girl”. Living in Siargao, one of her priorities is to keep the island clean and safe for her children. She also brags about how her daughter cares for the island like she does. 


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On this sunny afternoon, we hopped on a boat with some friends for a picnic on another island. She didn’t want to go, but I told her it would be fun. We got there at low tide, so we had to get down the boat and walk a good 10mins to get to our spot. Both being barefoot, philmar had to juggle giving us a hand and making sure our belongings dont get wet. (Definitely a test of love he passed with flying colors but thats not my story here 😂). Ellie was not loving the sharp and painful walk at all. It was also scorching hot, that I actually got scared of the sun applying sunscreen on both our bodies repeatedly. I then figured, maybe we shouldn’t have come at all. BUT there was also a rock pool under a shade with so many little fish and all the corals she saw on this book on underwater life. She got excited pointing them all out. Also from a short distance we got a good view of lovely longboard waves with surfers having a blast. She also ate with her hands for the first time! I even remember telling her there was LTE but she couldn’t care less. She was too busy exploring the island, picking up trash with her friends, and just allowing her curiosity to take over. Without my help, she was discovering and learning new things about the environment we live in, and she was loving being around nature. I heard not a single complaint. This day will probably just be another day on the island for Ellie, but it is one Ill treasure forever. Because one of my goals as a parent is to raise my kids to have a positive outlook on life. And here is proof Ive succeded! she knows to always look at the brighter side of everything— To accept that this world is not perfect, and we have no control over it. But what we do have control over, is our attitude, and how we choose to look at life. And so far, I like the way she looks at life.🌸

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  1. Solenn Heusaff

Solenn dedicates her blog and social media posts to discuss environmental issues and how we can take our part in conserving it. In 2017, she also joined a project with Hope in a Bottle, promoting recycled shirts. In one of her blog entries she wrote, “Trash isn’t a joke. I’m sure you see all those articles and videos on Facebook about dumpsites with literal mountains of trash, bodies of water that are filled with trash, and animals dying because they keep getting mixed in trash. Actually, if you want to see how pollution affects real people’s lives…” Visit her blog at https://solenn.ph/


  1. Jasmine Curtis

Donating to animal shelters, saving our oceans, and promoting zero waste, these are just some of the advocacies Jas lives by. She promotes every advocacy she takes part of on her social media. In one of her social media posts she says “I hope we can be disciplined for the future. I hope we all wake up everyday conscious of how we go about our every move, including disposing of trash. Kahit na candy wrapper lang yan, kahit na pwet ng yosi lang yan, kahit na ano pa yan. Ang basura dapat sa basurahan, hindi sa kalsada o sa dagat…” Check out her Instagram page for more of her advocacy work at https://www.instagram.com/jascurtissmith

Do you know other local celebrities who also take part in saving our environment? Let us know in the comments section below! 


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