Local Beauty Brands You Didn’t Know You Needed

Local Beauty Brands You Didn’t Know You Needed

Skincare is all the rave right now, and make up products have always been an in thing so it’s just normal that we’re up-to-date with all the latest trends!


There are different skincare and beauty trends like the 10-step skincare routine and the “no makeup” makeup look. Most of us go gaga over the latest products from famous Korean brands like Innisfree, COSRx and international brands like Fenty Beauty and Glossier.

But have you done research on some locally made skincare and makeup brands? There are some really good ones that are easy to find, fairly priced and does wonders to your skin! We give you a list of these amazing local brands we should all be raving about:

Human Nature

This brand has everything from shampoos, conditioners, lotions, facial wash, sunscreen, oils and many more. Their products are organically made and really, really cheap! Their Sunflower Beauty Oil is a holy-grail and could fix all your skin problems. You can find Human Nature almost anywhere, from groceries, drugstores and their own stores.

V&M Naturals

“I would like to initially say that my UA is in a very worst state. I'm "balbon" and had UA hair since I was in elementary, so you must imagine how abused my armpit is from years of plucking and shaving… It is so bad that on my younger years, and even now, I don't really wear sleeveless outside, and if I wore one, should be accompanied with a blazer or cardigan. Several years of searching, I already tried different products, from organic to non-organic, even imported ones, but none of them worked. Some even gave me an awful odor that made me ditch the item immediately.. But as I came across this CPC+G oil from V&M, I thanked God for He now showed me the light and answer to one of my many problems. Started using this as soon as I received it, 9 days to be exact, and I can really see the difference on my UA! No kidding, no commercialism, it really showed light on my armpit. I can't believe how effective this product is!!! Now I can show it to my bf whom I dated for 6 yrs but never had a glance at my UA (hahaha). It was not that light as of now but I can proudly say that religious application of CPC+G oil could really solve my life dilemma. Already ordered a second bottle since it was on sale. BTW, this product is very thrifty due to its packaging, and I think it could last me a month or two. Using it one drop on each UA twice a day. i just want to hoard before it's too late. Hehehe. Thanks to V&M for your amaaaazing products! Much love also to beautymnl! ❤️,” Lyka said. . . Eliminating dark spots, blemishes, and dullness of the skin on the face and all over the body should never be a painful experience. Know why this has become an Ultimate Favorite and you’ll surely love it too!

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This brand has products that targets almost all of your skin problems. They offer different products for pore cleansing and tightening, dark spot correcting, moisturizing and many more! Their name says it all — everything is naturally made. It’s tried and tested so trust us when we say that this brand is definitely worth a try!

Beach Born

A brand that gives off that beachy-vibe, not just emanating from their name, but also because their products are perfectly made for the beach! Beach Born’s Sea Salt Spray and Sunset Spray gives you that wavy hair lewk that looks like you just came from your seaside retreat and protects your hair from getting dry under the intense heat. Plus, they also carry conditioner and sunblock in bar forms. Lush is shaking! Kidding aside, an eco-friendly centric brand is a good step forward!

In Her Element

We definitely gravitate toward pretty branding and packaging. But it’s 100% better when those pretty products actually work! In Her Element’s eye creams, night creams and spot correctors that does the job are what you can expect from this brand. So if you are looking for any of those products, why not try this?

Finn The Label

Another brand that has superb branding and cute packaging is Finn the Label. You can find body balms that moisturizes your skin, highlighters (as inspired by La Union’s beautiful sunset), lipsticks in pod form and soaps that target specific skin concerns. You know what else is cool about this brand? They have toothpaste in steel pods, so you know they are eco-friendly too. More than that, they recently came up with moisturizing balms for our dogs! What is not to love?

BLK Cosmetics

One of our fave local celebrities, Anne Curtis, recently started her own make up brand! Affordable and quality lippies, blush and contour kits, BLK cosmetics is slowly gaining traction because of their good reviews. You can easily find these products in department stores, so check it out and maybe find your new staple lippie for your everyday look!


Flaunt your lips this summer with our #TagArawTagGanda Collection ??✨

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Another famous local celebrity created her own makeup line as well! Vice Ganda, of course, from the name of the brand itself. VICE’s liquid lipsticks are everlasting! Colourpop? We don’t know her! Charot – as Vice Ganda would say. You can definitely find cool shades of lipsticks here with hilarious names for shades. Only Vice would do it like this and we’re loving it!

Happy Skin

A fun and colorful brand that not only has great makeup products but has also recently launched their own skincare line too. Happy Skin stays true to their name because their products are actually good for the face and skin. From matte lipsticks, blush and contour kits, facial washes and even nail polish shades — they have it all! Happy Skin is a reliable brand to try out.

We are living for all of these local brands striving in the skincare and makeup world! On top of that, the branding of each product is so on point! These brands have the potential to be at par with international brands — no bias.

The next time you’re thinking of what facial wash  to grab or have a try in another lipstick shade, come back and check out these brands! Have you tried any of these local favorites? Share some reviews below!

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