Let’s Celebrate Our Dog’s Birthday

Let’s Celebrate Our Dog’s Birthday

Dogs are the absolute best and we don’t deserve them!

They will always follow us, cuddle with us, excited to see us and everything we want in a significant other a dog does unconditionally! Hugot aside, these cuties become our ultimate companions once we make them as our pets. They turn a year older – or seven years older? – every year, and we should celebrate their birthdays to show them how much we appreciate them!

Buy them a dog-friendly cake

There are cafes that sell cakes made especially for our cute furry friends! Treat them with a cute cake for their birthday and we’re sure they will eat that right up!

Show the whole world, or at least, your Instagram followers how adorable your pupper is by posting a birthday photo of them! If we can do it for our friends, we can do it for our dogs! We don’t care if they won’t even see it, we want to see it! Dog pics are highly appreciated! Double tapping that!

Throw Them a Doggie Party

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Happy 7th, best friend @finnsite

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Have other friends that love dogs, too? Why not throw a birthday party and invite your friends and their pets over! The themes are endless! Swimming party? Dogs love to swim! Garden party? Dogs love to run! Make it fun!

Again, dogs are precious and deserve all the love we can give! Aside from every day loving we give them, let’s make it our mission to make their birthdays special, too! Have you thrown your dog a party before? Share us how you did it below!

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