Our latest SceneZoned star, Lesha Litonjua, just released her first original music video for Sweet Talk, in collaboration with ELM, and we’ve only got two words to say. It’s lit. The pastel princess shows off her beautifully soft vocals that match her calm, colourful aesthetic, and just as Litonjua glosses her lips, we already knew we were in for a memorable experience. Consisting of a heated argument and deep gazes on her mirrored reflection, against purple hues to match her hair, the music video is one that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

Loved the song as much as we did? Catch this young artist sing it live at The Palace Pool Club for #AYearOfESCAPE, as she opens for the electronic pop star, Kiiara!

Catch electropop artist Kiiara perform live at The Palace Pool Club for #AYearOfESCAPE on March 3! Click here to get your passes.