LANY Just Wrecked The F Out Of Us With Malibu Nights

LANY Just Wrecked The F Out Of Us With Malibu Nights

We were all shookt and left heartbroken when Paul Jason Klein of LANY and Dua Lipa broke up and though this is old news already, we can’t help but bring it up every time a new LANY song comes out. We just feel the hurt, you know.

After releasing 4 insanely good tracks for the last 3 months, LANY’s new album Malibu Nights is finally out!

Now let’s talk about its ~aesthetic~. Since the theme of Malibu Nights circles around the moon — crescent to be exact, they actually picked a release date wherein the moon will be in its best crescent phase. If that ain’t genius, I don’t know what is.

In an interview just recently, Paul said that he has never felt a pain like that his whole life and if anything, it’s his first real heartbreak. No wonder why all of the 10 songs in this album wrecked the f out of us. And sorry not sorry ‘cause we’re definitely tweeting these lyrics until forever!

Now, BRB because we’re gonna go full on senti for the next 100 days listening to this. We suggest that you do, too!


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