KPOP Songs That Made It To The Mainstream Club Scene

KPOP Songs That Made It To The Mainstream Club Scene

Just when you think you’ve never heard of a KPOP song, well prepared to be shookt! Here are some songs you may have heard at the Palace that you never knew was actually Korean. 

Ddu Du Ddu Ddu – BLACKPINK

Even though BLACKPINK existed way back before Coachella, just recently they started topping charts here in the Philippines. With a different sound from your usual KPOP beats, BLACKPINK is definitely here to lure into listening to KPOP. 

Make It Right – BTS ft. LAUV

Today’s highest trending group doesn’t fail to capture hearts with their music and good looks. We’re pretty sure this big collab with LAUV has been one of those songs you’ve hit the dance floor with. 

Kiss and Make Up – Dua Lipa ft. BLACKPINK

Another epic and jaw dropping collab just got everyone hooked! Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK are both top charters, who would’ve thought that both worlds will collide? 

Bboom Bboom – MOMOLAND

Ever since this song was released, Filipinos went crazy about it that you’d start hearing it everywhere. MOMOLAND is part of KPOP community too, with their song’s catchy beat it’s definitely hard to resist dancing. 


It G Ma – Keith Ape

While Keith Ape may not be in KPOP, this song is actually Korean! Are you shookt yet? Just like any country, South Korea definitely tries to tap on different genres of music, from pop, hip-hop, and of course rap. 

Boy With Luv – BTS ft. Halsey

Here’s another BTS collab that got us all LSS. We loved this collab song with Halsey and we want more! 

Love Shot – EXO

You’ve probably seen at least one person do that sexy body roll dance during the chorus of this song. That’s thanks to the fine men of EXO who made this iconic step. We want more please! 

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