So here’s the scoop. On Last Thursday’s Rimowa event, ex-lovers Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista was caught (none other than Tim Yap, of course), in an exchange. Tim Yap posted this picture from the #aluminumoriginals event on his “Ëœgram and our hearts just broke into a million pieces.


Two old friends meet again at the Rimowa dinner #aluminumoriginal

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You know that common scene in movies where the star-crossed lovers had to split and then years after when they have their own lives (and are both married to different people), they see each other across the room and they slowly cross the room and say hi? Yup. This was them. Straight out of a movie scene. Is it just me or are their eyes saying more than just simple pleasantries?


Dinner for 12 to celebrate @rimowa’s 80th year! #aluminumoriginal

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For those unaware, Heart and Echo were one of the early 2000’s OG love teams that everyone shipped. They were lovers both on-screen and off. What makes their former relationship so special? It seemed like it was straight out of Shakespeare’s books. Unapproved love by the parentals, a “Ëœme-and-you-against-the-world’ type of relationship, and a messy, controversial and very public breakup after three years worth of bliss. And years after their breakup, they would still refer to each other as their one true love”¦

And of course they just had to be all dolled up and debonaire-looking. Although the couple are both happily married””Heart with Chiz, Echo with Kim Jones (who was also at the party), we could still see that there’s still something there”¦ or it’s just our hopeless-romantic selves trying to make something out of this classic love story plot.

Comment down below if your heart also heaved at the site of this picture. In Sam Smith’s words, I know I’m not the only one.