It’s Okay to be Single and Here’s Why

It’s Okay to be Single and Here’s Why

Your relationship status doesn’t define you. Stop beating yourself up for being the only single girl in your squad. There’s nothing wrong with you, we just have different timelines and that’s a fact!

TBH, being single isn’t all that bad. You just gotta see the silver lining to enjoy its perks.

You Won’t Need to Deal With Drama

No matter how cute or adorbs some couple are, believe when we say that there is still drama. And that’s just part of being in a relationship. So do we want that? No, thank you, we’d rather be spectators. LMAO.

You Have More Time to Hang With Your Friends

It’s inevitable that when you’re in a relationship, you’ll somehow have less time to hang out with your friends. Luckily, you’re single and you got all the time in the world (after work or class a.k.a. all your responsibilities aside) so you get to spend time with your friends or even your fam!

You Can Also Hang out With Guys Without Having to Feel Guilty

May it be guy friends or flings, you don’t need to feel guilty at all because the only person you need to be loyal to is yourself!

You Can Decide Without Considering Anyone

You’re not Basha from One More Chance who has a Popoy that will hold you back from eating chicken skin. You decide whatever the heck you want because it’s your life!

You Get to Explore Your Options

Put yourself out there, but not for the reason that you want to find someone in a snap. Explore your options and just test what will work for you. Again, you got loads of time and you don’t need to rush into things!

You Can Focus on Yourself

Lastly, before you become part of someone’s life, make sure you’re already whole. You don’t need anyone to make you feel complete because only you can give yourself that love you’ve been looking for. Don’t let someone find you until you find yourself!

Now you go, girlfriend. Let’s sashay to Single Ladies until we find someone put-a-ring-on-it worthy!

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