Our generation lives off of romantic films like Bela Padilla’s “ËœMeet Me In St. Gallen‘, and love teams like James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s #Jadine. We, as Filipinos, just can’t help our need to feel kilig. It’s not enough to watch it happen to other people. We want in on the action. Hitting on people one by one in the real world is difficult. But seeing several faces and being able to select the ones you like? That’s genius. Thank God for Tinder.

But Tinder, like Grindr and Bumble, has become somewhat obsolete. These days, we rarely hear about f*ckboys chatting us up on the dating app, inviting us to dance in Revel and see the sunrise from their apartment. We see them, instead, on Instagram. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we’ll just have to find out.

You’ve got more photos for you to judge

Pro: No longer limited to six photos, the limit for stalking and posting thirst traps now rely on the person you’re looking up. Some people have several photos and a curated feed, while others post hundreds of amateur selfies and has a feed that says #IDGAF.

Con: Not all of your pics are of you with proper lighting and angle work. Girl, mukha kang halimaw.

IG stories are like a sneak peak into a person’s life


Pro: Yet another addition to the wonder of thirst traps, IG stories are for posting those pictures you want to give attention but don’t want on the feed. It also shows off how fun you are as a person.

Con: Your annoying stalkers will get to know your whereabouts depending on your posts.

The world becomes a smaller place

Pro: Your explore page lets you see those around you. Watch the stories of the current area you’re in and you can see who the cuties are and where. For example? Check out the BGC stories and find that there are several pretty people posting from the Palace. Looks like you’re heading there too.

Con: If you think you can look for people this way, they can do the same to you.

You can interact easier

Pro: Usually, when I match with someone on Tinder, I ask them if they’d rather talk on Instagram. Not to gain more followers, but so I can talk to someone without feeling the desperation of the dating app. Instagram’s simply more accessible. And ever since it stole basically all of Snapchat’s features, you can easily send each other videos of yourselves, proving you’re not just a catfish.

Con: The “Hey Ate girl, what’s up?”, and the dick pics you’ll find in your DMs might get annoying in time. Especially if they’re small and unimpressive.

Either way, you’re bound to have a date

Some will be creepy. Some will be grade A beef. Either way, in the end, people will find a way to get their sex fix. How we go from point A (a.k.a. horny stalking) to point B (a.k.a. doing the nasty) may have changed, but it doesn’t really matter.

Don’t you find it interesting how guys and girls alike go through all this work for an hour of what could be a hit or miss? Thinking about it now, you could end up finding the love of your life, the best sex of your life, or your worst regret. Tell us how you’re heading for a BANG! in the comment section below! Happy hunting!