Instagram Has Taken Out the Number of Likes & Here’s What It Could Mean For Us

Instagram Has Taken Out the Number of Likes & Here’s What It Could Mean For Us

Just a few hours ago, Instagram gave us quite the shocker as they have started testing out what it’s like to remove the number of likes on our posts as seen by our followers. In a series of tweets, Instagram has explained that they have already started expanding the test of their private like counts globally. 

Instead of seeing the exact number of people who liked a specific post, IG still leaves a number of measurement. 

Below 100: others

Below 1k: hundreds of others

Below 100k: thousands of others

Below 1m: hundreds of thousands of others

Below 2m: millions of others

As of writing, the said update has been positively received in countries such as Brazil, Australia and Japan to name a few. 

Should the update push through  – it will definitely be changing the Instagram game for good. 

Influencer Culture Will Change Drastically 

In an interview with Digital PR, practitioner Je Villaroman, the change will definitely affect how agencies and brands measure effectivity of campaigns. “It’s too early to say a new metric but I think we will look more towards IG stories and IG TV”, Je shares with /ESCAPE. 

More Focus on Content Rather Than Number of Likes 

Ever looked at a photo and felt the urge to like even if you’re not really into the content because you felt a bit peer pressured due to the number of likes the said photo has already amassed? Since numbers will no longer be seen, more attention is brought upon the actual content. 

Less Social Media-Induced Anxiety

It happens even to the best of us – not wanting to give your IG to someone because you feel like your follower count is too small or your feed isn’t ~feed goals~. We’re pretty positive that the private like count will lessen this type of pressure. 


More Creatives Will Be Encouraged to Post

 Alex Diaz, a content creator himself, shares the he thinks the update might be good for creatives in the long run. “Removing likes make take some adjusting but I think in the long run, it will really encourage content creators to get more creative with their posts, and at the same time, allow for artistic expression across social media platform”, says Alex. 

because there’s less pressure, more creatives, hopefully, put out more of their content.

What’s your take on the update? Sound off in the comments!

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