After weeks of hyping up her first gig in Manila, the new classic Iggy Azalea finally took the stage at The Palace Pool Club last night and what can we say, it was lit. If by any chance you made the choice to indulge your inner tita and stayed in Saturday, the hype on your feed is real“”you missed out on one of Pool Club’s biggest performances ever.

To get the crowd warmed up for Iggy, concertgoers were treated to a star-studded roster of performances by CRWN, Jess Connelly, Kat DJ, MC Pao Avila, Nix Damn P, Carlo Atendido and DJ MECHA while fireworks lit up the sky.

Wearing a black crop top, booty shorts (one word: DAMN) and sexy fishnets, the Australian bombshell performed a string of her radio hits like Black Widow, Fancy, Team, Work, Pretty Girls and Bounce as she dropped it low for all her screaming fans in the audience. Mars Miranda capped off Iggy’s gig with a heart-pumping set to help clubbers shake off the post-Iggy separation anxiety.

What was your favorite part of Iggy’s performance last night? Tell us in the comments!

Photography by Daniel Tan (@dtanph)