How You Can Keep Your Online Shops Running and Relevant During ECQ

How You Can Keep Your Online Shops Running and Relevant During ECQ

We are living in strange and unprecedented times right now, and most of us are figuring out how to cope. While people with full-time office jobs have transferred to their homes, people who rely on their small businesses such as online shops are at a loss on how to be able to keep their businesses running. 

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Here are simple ways on how to keep your online shops can stay relevant and running during the ECQ. 

Maintain your online presence

The best thing you can do right now is keep your relevance. Don’t just disappear from everyone’s timelines and newsfeed. Make it a point to constantly update your customers and followers on the status of your business: whether you’re still accepting orders, experiencing late deliveries, or if you’re completely stopping operations.

Be sensitive

Yes, it’s important for your online business to stay relevant during these times. But being sensitive about the situation of the whole nation is more important. Refrain from posting about missing traveling, jokes about canceled vacations or anything that can come off as insensitive. In order to be relevant at times like these, use your business’ influence through spreading awareness and factual information about the pandemic, giving tips on how to stay sane, or better yet, post about donation drives and relief efforts where your followers can help.

Hold games, giveaways and contests

Since everyone’s at home right now, people are glued on social media now more than ever. Create those bingo and autograph book games that are such a hit on Instagram stories right now. With your business’ branding, of course! You can also hold giveaways and contests and tell the participants that all prizes will be processed after ECQ which give them something to look forward to once this is all over.

Do you have an online business? How are you keeping it alive during these challenging times?

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