How to Win Someone’s Heart Based on Their Horoscope

How to Win Someone’s Heart Based on Their Horoscope

It’s hard to figure out how to approach your crush or the person you’re eyeing. How do you ask them out? What’s the best date to take them to? How do you make them fall in love with you without gayuma?!

We’re making no promises here. The person you stan may or may not like you back, but this is a good start! Ask them when their birthdate is (or check Facebook) and check out what their star sign is. Once you’ve figured that out, scroll down to find out how you can win his/her heart.


Do the big gestures! A fire sign, Aries wants a relationship that’s blazing. They’re very rash and impulsive, which is why their Achilles heel is the big, romantic, and grand gestures! Give surprising gifts and go on unexpected dates!


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Open up to Taus, it’s as simple as that. No need to do anything huge or grand, Taus are very practical and love things that are stripped down bare. Double meanings may or may not apply.


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Known for their curiosity and humor, this star sign can easily be attracted to you if you up your charm. Go be exciting and flirty to cast your cupid’s arrow on this star sign!


If you’re a Scorpio, you already have a shot with this person. All they want is someone honest and sincere. A water sign, Cans are very understanding and gentle with other people’s emotions. They secretly love being the psychologist in the group, so go ahead and lean on them, they like that.


An element of fire, Leos love people who are fun and flirty. Leos are just as dramatic and confident as Sagittarius-es, making them a perfect match for each other. An element of surprise and something new is their bee’s knees!


Honesty is the most important thing to Virgos, because they are too analytical. Clearing things up for them and just opening up is the most romantic thing for them. They’re the most gentle of all the star signs, so no need to fluff it up.


An air sign, Libras are always in constant motion and are in the pursuit of creative ideas. To stop them in their tracks, be as charming as Aaron Samuels or Ariana Grande circa 2013. Put your heart on your sleeve and be funny, witty, and make them comfortable to hang out with you.


Extremely determined and focused, Scorps are drawn to people who are mysterious and exciting. Admit it or not, they love mind-games because they are born problem solvers! Bring them to hidden bars like Poppy’s (which is hidden in The Island!).


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One of the most daring and adventurous star signs out there, Sags are hard to impress. They’re on the constant look out for a good time and you have to step-up to their level if you want to hang. Show them you can play their game and don’t forget to turn the heat up! Sags are fire signs, making them drawn to hawt, hawt, hawt moments!


Caps are harder to please if you’re not a smart nut. This star sign loves conversations about the bigger things in life, no small talk allowed! While they’re usually timid, once a Cap emotionally connects with you, get ready for some romance! Tauruses also have a higher chance with Caps.


Geminis are already one step ahead with the Aquarius types. Being a water sign, they love fluidity and going with the unexpected stream. To get this star sign’s heart, go on dates with a lot of surprises.


No drama, no diva-feels, just be kind. Pisces are drawn to kind-hearted people who have no ulterior motives and hidden agendas! Honesty is also a plus!

So? Are you ready to ask your crush out yet? Don’t forget that bringing them to a totally chill and cool place like The Palace Manila helps 😉

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