How to Wear Black, According to Karl Lagerfeld

How to Wear Black, According to Karl Lagerfeld

The world mourns the passing of fashion icon and genius Karl Lagerfeld. While Coco Chanel might have created Chanel, Karl was the one who brought it to the 21st century. His passing marks the end of an era, just like when Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Kate Spade died. We all can’t thank him enough for his contributions to the world of fashion, art, and culture. So in memoriam, here’s a guide on how to wear black like the iconic Karl Lagerfeld.

Accent With White

The only couple that have a forever in this world: black + white.  Karl always wore his outfits with a crisp white polo or a white collar. Emphasis on the importance of a crisp white shirt for all boys and girls! This monochrome color combo will never die, just like Karl’s legacy.

Get Some Shade

He was once overheard saying that he wears glasses to blend in, wearing glasses allows him to observe people. However, it’s pretty ironic that his shades are immortalized with him. Punch up your all black wardrobe with all black tinted shades.

Get a Glove

While not recommendable for Manila’s insanely hot climate, Karl always wears gloves. He wears them as plain leathers or with a bit of pearls. After all, if you’re wearing one of the hottest black suits that was designed by your own team, you have to accessorize one way or another!

Add a Hint of Silver

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… "volete essere politically correct siatelo pure, ma per favore non provate a coinvolgere gli altri nella vostra discussione, perché sarebbe la fine di tutto. Volete essere noiosi? Basta essere politically correct". Questo, in estrema sintesi, il Lagerfeld-pensiero: ironico, assolutamente non allineato, controtendenza e soprattutto personale. Se c'è una cosa che Karl Lagerfeld non ha mai cercato di fare è stato cercare di accattivarsi le simpatie del pubblico: lui è sempre andato avanti per la sua strada, a prescindere da successi e dalle polemiche. Karl Lagerfeld, leggendario stilista, fotografo, illustratore, artista, designer, icona della moda e direttore creativo di Chanel e di Fendi. Si è spento all'età di 85 anni. #karllagerfeld #chanel #fendi #fashion #moda #arte #rip #karl #lagerfeld #stilista #balmain #big #passion #cool #love

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Karl usually wore his black suits with a silver brooch or a long silver necklace. While it might be perfect match to his silver crowning glory, adding a dash of silver is a great way to punch up your all black style.

Have a Signature Accessory You Truly Love

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老佛爷Karl Lagerfeld🖤 我来晚了🖤

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Karl always carried around Choupette with him. Originally not his, Choupette was originally owned by model Baptiste Giabiconi. Karl cat-sitted Choupette and the rest was history. “When he came back I thought, I’m sorry, Choupette is mine,” Karl shares in an interview. Hailed as the most spoiled cat in fashion history, Choupette went from pet cat to a brand essential. We’re not saying you make your pets into accessories, just look for something that you can add to any look that will instantly make it yours.

Get Your Posture Right

While you might think he looks snobby, it’s all because of his A+ posture. Chin up, chest out, no smiles.

Stay Structured

One of the reasons why Karl looks insanely good at all times is not only because of his penchant for an expensive and all-black wardrobe, it’s because his clothes fit him to a tee. His suits fit like a glove for his physique and when it comes to true fashion, it’s all about the fit. Look for pieces that fit you perfectly to look like a million bucks!

Will you be wearing black the next time you party? Remember these style tips inspired by the most iconic Karl that ever lived to look as iconic as him!

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