Let’s start this off with the elephant in the room. Often times, people look at Mexican-themed parties as cultural appropriation. This isn’t always the case. We’re celebrating culture. We’re sharing what people would enjoy from one country, and spreading it out for others to enjoy in the night. That being said, everybody knows that Mexico’s a good place to party. They just know how to turn it up with bright and lively Latin music, delicious food, and mind f*cking tequila.

Ever heard of Mad Max? Let me introduce you to mad Mex. LOL. As Filipinos, we love sharing our world, showing off our favorites like adobo or halo halo, but why not party with a little something from another culture? Today, we’re showing you how to fiesta it up like a masayahin Mexican.

Taco Tuesday, everyday

What’s a party without pulutan?! While technically labelled “ËœTex-Mex’, these Mexican dishes are perfect for snackage for lit night celebrations. Quick example? I personally find myself craving Army Navy or Taco Bell after my trip to The Palace. While both taco joints are very Americanized, you can easily get better options as take out from El Chupacabra or Chihuahua. For the more DIY version though, shred some lettuce, prep some cheese, and make that beef sizzle so you can set up a “Ëœmake your own taco’ stand.

Fire up your Latin love songs

Listen up, not all latin music is Mexican. They’re Spanish, yes, but our faves Bailando and Despacito– sung by Enrique Iglesias and Luis Fonsi- aren’t even Mexican. Those little fun facts being said, if you don’t want to listen to a mariachi band play all night, look forward to the mainstream Latin pop we find ourselves obsessed with. The mentioned songs included, cross borders with Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and for a true Mexican singer, Paulina Rubio. Aye mama! If Coco’s soundtrack isn’t party enough, try this playlist below!

Costumes? Nah fam, its culture

I say Mexico, you think moustache, sombrero, and poncho. Isn’t that right? While they’re easy fixes for costume parties, why not step up your game? The theme is Mexican, not basic. Broaden your imagination. Try out mariachi band uniforms or skimpy luchador outfits, or practice your art skills by painting the classic sugar skull on. Crank up the life of your look by adding floral detail and lots of color on your face. Remember, it’s a celebration of culture, not a costume.

Spice up your groove with salsa dance moves

Channel that red dress emoji and strap on your dancing shoes “Ëœcause with music that flows through your soul and into your hips, you’ll find yourself swaying to the beat. While not all originating from Mexico, per se, the Latin locals have ignited a fire within themselves, each of their steps leaving others breathless from their sexy dance moves. Bet you wish you’d practiced your salsa moves now, don’t you?

Jumpstart your night with some authen-tequil

Every part needs them draaanks, amirite? Keep your party fueled with tequila, a.k.a. The first thing that pops up into your party loving self when I even mention Mexico. Time to find the strongest in your pack, so set up your shot glasses, it’s time to get wasak. Want to survive longer than two hours max? Get fruity with some island style margaritas by blending in some mangoes or strawberries. On the flip side, follow up those cinnamon scents with a spiked horchata. F*cking yum.

With all the tips and tricks on putting together this lit af themed party, we’re sure you’re bound to throw an unforgettable one. Plans are done and the foods all out, time to hit up your friends and get them to join in on this fiery fiesta. Enjoy the night the good old fashioned way with tequila in the form of Jose Cuervo! As always, this is the shit that forever gives us good times and great memories.