How To Survive Your First Party Experience

How To Survive Your First Party Experience

It’s either you just turned 18 or a late bloomer, but it’s never too late to become the life of the party! Before that though, here are some tips that can get you through your first party experience.

Look for Outfit Pegs

Look up some outfit pegs so you can start digging through your closet. For sure you already have an idea on how to dress up for parties, but just so you can be really on point!

But Don’t Overdress

Prepared, not overdressed. I mean, be extra, sure. But you might want to be a little lowkey considering it’s your first. LOL.

Look For the Best Friends To Go With

Ask your pro friends to go with you, not just to keep you company but also to teach you the basics of partying like how to dodge an f boi or what to do when a friend gets too drunk — we never know, you might be THAT friend.


There are numerous ways to pregame, but make sure that eating before going hard is one of them. It’s always a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach.

Pick The Best Place To Party

Make your first party experience the best one! You’ll for sure ask yourself why you only started partying now.

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