How To Survive All The Drinking Parties This Season

How To Survive All The Drinking Parties This Season

How To Survive All The Drinking Parties This Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Another month filled with parties, reunions, and get togethers is here. You and your friends have the time and the budget to bring it on! But wait, ever wonder how to not end up being wheel chaired out of a club or throwing up in a car service?

Inform Your Friends

It’s one thing to party with them but it’s another to tell them your whereabouts, especially your  closest ones. You might be going to different occasions and having a point person on speed dial helps in having that peace of mind that wherever you may end up, you have someone that will for sure pick you up. 


Book An Overnight Stay

If you already know that you want to let loose, get down, and party like a rockstar, rent an airbnb or book a room at any nearby hotel or hostel. Saves you the buck for commuting and can keep your stuff safe as well. You only need to make it to the hotel room and you’re free to pass out. 

Pre-Game and Pre-Hydrate

Starting the gig out in your favourite chill bars can help you party harder when you already have a buzz. Make sure you had a full meal, are well hydrated, and try to always have a glass of water as back up every time you order a drink. 


Practice Makes Perfect 

Drinking is truly like a sport. The more you do it, the more your body can tolerate it. What you have to learn is to find out what your limits are. Knowing that after 5 shots you might be too drunk already, have the willpower to say no to the next. You can even threaten your friend that you need to throw up stat! And watch them leave you faster than a bullet train. 


Use The Ride Hailing App 

As expensive as it may be, it’s still a convenient option because you can have your friends track your ride even when you’re already buzzed. Just be sure to sit behind the driver, always watch where the route is, and do not pay in cash! You might be handing a one thousand peso bill for a 200 peso ride and not get change back. 


Water As Chaser

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Like what we said, hydrating is important. Every shot you take should be equivalent to two glasses of water. Or fine maybe just one but even then, you’ll thank yourself for a zero hangover, fun buzz that you can have the whole night. 


Dance All Night

We’re telling you that burning calories on the dance floor releases sweat and alcohol from your glands. The liquids you push out of your body is replaced with your water chaser anyway. Have fun, pop that booty, and go home like nothing happened! 


Any tips for our friends out there who are about to party? Comment in the link below! 


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