How To Successfully “Abang” Your Crush Without Being A Snake

How To Successfully “Abang” Your Crush Without Being A Snake

Crushing on someone is already hard to work around as it is but crushing on someone taken can be downright complicated. It’s hard to do anything about it without seeming like a total snake, and you may be unsure if giving them a harmless like on Instagram could show them that you’re off to jump their bones. 


No matter how strong your feelings are (or how horny you feel), it’s always best to think before you DM. Here are the different ways you can “abang” your crush without snaking them:


Subtly ask for more intel on their dating life. 

We usually crush on people who are a friend of a friend. Nonchalantly ask mutual friends about their dating life. How long have they been taken? Does it seem serious? This will let you know if you really have a chance with them or if you ought to keep your infatuation at an arm’s length. 


Give your crush a follow! 

You’ve got nothing to lose after all! Liking and commenting harmlessly on their posts from time to time doesn’t actually mean you want to snake them away, but it’ll put you on their radar in case they end up single and ready to mingle. 


Keep your options open. 

Just because you’re crushin’ hard, this doesn’t mean that you should block out all the other fish in the sea. Get set up with prospects from friends. Approach people at parties. Keep that dating app profile live and alive. You have to make it known that you’re out there to date, so you’re a future prospect not just to crushie, but to other cuties you might meet along the way. 


Go on nights out with friends.

How best to express that you’re out and about than by turning up at the club with your crew? Hit up places like BAD, Yes Please, or Xylo with your besties for a great time while maintaining that you’re looking to put yourself out there. 


Keep a clean, fab IG feed. 

Most of the time, people who are into you will check your IG first. Make sure the content you post is worth checking out, followed by a DM for a possible first date. 


If your crush breaks up with their S.O., wait a week before sliding into their DMs. 

It’s common knowledge that the three month rule was invented by rom-com One More Chance to spice up its plot, but a lot of us still feel a tinge of guilt for pursuing someone newly single. There’s nothing wrong with shooting your shot, especially when you finally can. 


Swipe right instantly if you see them single on dating apps! 

No matter how much time has passed, being single on a dating app is pretty much telling the world that you’re ready to take someone out! If you match with your crush, think of a cute opener and start thinking of fun date ideas–they’ll thank you if they say yes!

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